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Some of you in the area may have been experiencing a loss of Virgin Media services over the last week. This has been because Virgin Media have been unable to access a service pit at the Wightman Road end of Pemberton Road due to a car being parked over it. The car has not moved all week, therefore preventing the resolution of the issue. Virginmedia have been onto Haringey and were told that they would reply in ten days.

The car is a white Audi convertible. Does anyone know who owns it? Once it’s moved, Virgin Media can restore services within a few hours.

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Surely they can bounce the car back a few feet

Hi Karen

Just wondering how you found out about this?

Myself and several households down our road haven't had internet all week. Can't Virgin ask the DVLA for the owner details asap? (Why are they putting the onus on us to fix the issue?)

Thanks for any light anyone can shed on this.

I understand that the owner of the car has been found and he is moving it. Hopefully, things will get resolved now.

Thank you for the update. 

I am still amazed that virgin only have that one access point for dozens of households. Also that they keep telling us it's fixed and it isn't or moving out the dates for a fix. I guess we'll see if this does result in our broadband being restored or another distraction.

I just wanted to pass on an update on this. After the community pulled together to find the owner who kindly moved the car... Virgin Media now seem to be saying the problem isn't there after all but at "the local exchange" and will take another day or "possibly two" to fix. Utterly shabby customer service. I experienced similar 9 years ago and hoped they had changed but no.  The new cable providers can't come too soon.

If it's Community Fibre you're waiting on, you may be interested to know that, for me at least, registering my interest didn't result in me getting an email when they became available at my address.

Yes, this is a brag : £65 a month with virgin for 350Mbps is shortly to be replaced with £25 a month for 1Gbps :)

Took me a few reads to figure out what you meant but I think you mean keep trying the Community Fibre website? Are you in Haringey or even Harringay?

Yes, I meant keep trying the website - I guess once you see the kit going up on the telephone poles especially, even if they haven't emailed you.

I'd also been assuming the whole area was going to be Community Fibre, but based on this council page, I guess you have to check hyperoptic and 4 fibre also unless you're aware who's covering your street.


I'm nearby, in a street off West Green Road. 

Thanks @James. Useful info. 

Very unreliable and a truly horrible organisation in my experience.

Got BT when we moved and have never had a single problem.

I've still got a Vigin mobile account, just because I've not got the strength to leave. They ring me about twice a week trying to get me give them more money basically. They've got this ploy of disguising where the call is coming from, and lately it's been flashing up on my phone they're calling from Bodmin, so when they called today I tried to strike up a conversation about windswept moors and Daphne du Maurier, but it was to little avail!

And now no fix for a further week.  I have resorted to passive aggressive tweets at them.  It doesn’t change anything but it makes me feel slightly better

Hahaha... I am doing the same, although mine are becoming less passive and more aggressive. I can't believe it is now 2+ weeks outage. And I have no faith in them hitting the new target.

Don't sign up with Virgin, kids.



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