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They opened today. There's a big range of food, breads and drinks. Its clean and the customer service is friendly. Ideal for those on the Harringay Levels.

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really .... surely its just more of the same ... old same old green lanes 

Used to be a very good Taxi Depot. My overseas visitors will miss it greatly. 

This new grocery/butcher/bakery shop replaces an existing single-front grocery/local shop, and the (vacant) single shop-front on the corner, previously occupied by a local taxi service.

They took a lot of time to work on the two fronts, knocking out the wall between and extensively re-fitting. I have not had a chance to go in and look around as yet, but it looks quite well organised with a range of stock.

So, really, instead of a single front grocery store and a vacant former taxi office, we're getting a double-front grocery; not really a huge change. Also, remember that there used to be a large grocery shop on the corner of Salisbury Road and Green Lanes, closed quite some time ago, refitted at least twice as a furniture sale shop, and as a restaurant; now being re-fitted yet again, and extended at the back. Goodness knows what that will eventually be. Anyway, the point is: when that grocery shop closed, we lost one double-front grocery; now, we have a replacement, just round the corner. So, overall, not much of a change.

Personally, I'm more worried about the mega-restaurants all serving a similar range of Turkish/Kurdish/near Eastern food; and the lack of diversity.

However - Hey! - the Barclays Bank on Green Lanes is now going to be a new Nando's. We may like or not like peri-peri chicken, but we can't argue that it does not increase the diversity. Though, of course, we have lost our last bank branch; and I suspect that most if not all the bank branches in Wood Green will be gone within five years.

Aren’t Nando’s the fried-chicken chain with no chicken?

Nando’s isn’t coming to town, I spoke with the letting agents. They are one of the best take away options, the sauces are optional. I opt for the roasted chicken, corn on the cob, and broccoli steamed with garlic, it is a treat. 

Something with a little planning is a quick easy meal till Nando’s comes to town. The Stoke Newington location is very pleasant with a high spec interior to gaze upon. I think Barclays would be an excellent location and the building needs some life injected into it, it’s a pleasing corner location. The building owner seems set on a commercial lease, time and money may change that resistance. #Nandosharringay

Just more of the same. The taxi Depot that used to be there was so efficient. My overseas visitors will miss it gtreatly.



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