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A big pat on the back to the freeholder of the Grand Parade block on the northern corner of Salisbuty Road (or whoever is responsible). We now have a nice wee strip of well renovated upper parts of Grand Parade.


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Agreed - very well done, and goes to show what a massive difference it would make if more of our high street was as well looks after as this!

Agreed! nice original windows too! 

It is a shame they took the N/W/E/S Pointer on top of the Apex off... Maybe its being restored...

Yes I noticed it the other day, it looks great and I love the windows.

Shame abbot the giant betting shop...

Shows how glorious Grand Parade could be if the same level of care is taken.  Lovely job.

Yes same company (Lazari Investments) owns lease on most of grand parade alll the way up and including iceland, and most of London for that matter!

they have big plans for the area including redevelopment of the space directly behind Iceland / grand parade into apartments.

Salisbury Mansions is owned by a mixture of private owners and housing association, and the renovations have been done under the shared freehold.  

Are you sure about that Alexander? Whilst I can’t claim to have any definitive information to the contrary, what I’ve heard suggests a much more varied ownership. 

bring back 'Hanger lane'

The earliest records of St Ann's Road have it as Chisley Lane (probably an association with land which was full of small pebbles or gravel). By the mid nineteenth century maps were showing it as Hanger Lane (probably in reference to the fields, or Hangers, such as "Great Hanger" that were located to its south* as the 1619 Dorsett map shows - to orient yourself on the map, South is to the top).

Some time after St Ann's Church was built in around 1860, the road became know as St Ann's Road. It may be there was an interregnum during which the name Napier was used but I'm not aware of it. Another possibility occurred to me. Whereabouts is this sign you're seeing? Is it by any chance on the middle of the bay between the ground and first floor?

*Wikipedia offeres the following: Hangar (sic) comes from Middle French hanghart ("enclosure near a house"), of Germanic origin, from Frankish *haimgard ("home-enclosure", "fence around a group of houses"), from *haim ("home, village, hamlet") and gard ("yard").

Yes however they have various subsidies and differing holding companies.

You can view their proposed plans at there offices in Mornington Crescent (the huge Egyptian themed Art Deco building, which they also own as well as the Brunswick centre amongst others) 

or simply google them ;) 

Do you mind if I ask where your information came from?



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