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Can anyone recommend a good NHS doctor/surgery in the area? Thanks

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West Green surgery recently joined is fantastic.
Bridge House and Hornsey Park Surgery are absolutely awful.

Hi Anna, Thanks for that. Always good to know which ones to avoid too. Much appreciated. David

West green surgery the best

Great. Thank you. David

42 years on this earth and I have been with four doctors surgeries.

First surgery our family doctor due to the doctors negligence I nearly died.

Second surgery Bridge House being in excruciating pain the doctor that was my main doctor refused point blank to come out to see me for a home visit upon which it took another doctor to come out and see me and upon which I was sent immediately to the hospital.

Third surgery Hornsey Park surgery they got rid of the only decent doctor leaving three doctors one doctor in particular would of rather you didn't waste his time.

West Green surgery not even a month of being a patient there I was sent for an MRI scan of which I know that it is not cancer.

My family doctor I was with for 24 years.

Bridge House I was with for 16 years.

Hornsey Park Surgery I was with for 2 years.

West Green Surgery I have been a patient of theirs for 2 months and of which in that time I have had an MRI scan,physiotherapy and soon a hearing assessment of which I say from my experience West Green Surgery is the best.

That sounds a very good recommendation. Thanks again

I'm at Bridge House but feeling very tempted to move....



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