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HI there, I was hoping someone might be able to recommend a good GP in this area, unfortunately we are at the finsbury park end of Green lanes and don't seem to fall into the west green surgery catchment area.

Any help gratefully appreciated as we presently have quite a bad surgery who I won't name but they have recently proven themselves incompetent on several occasions and we have a toddler now so we feel like we need better support.

Thank you in advance for any help.


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Agree with Peter on the Heron Practice. Been attending there for over 40 years, through a succession of heads of practice and their colleagues. 

I registered with The Heron Practice about 3 years ago after becoming dissatisfied with the practice I had been with and am really happy that I did.  As well as GPs there are a number of other services on site so you don’t have to go off to hospital for some of the minor stuff like bloods.  Helpful front of house staff too.

Looking at Queenswoods Medical (Park Road N8) you may be in their catchment area. Worth going to look at their facilities, I find them very good. The W3 stops right outside and they have parking.


I am at the Queenswood Medical Practice and I find them excellent and they have a pharmacy on site and a lovely small cafe as well amongst other things.  I had the misfortune of being a patient of Bridge House,Hornsey Park Surgery and West Green Surgery. Queenswood Medical Practice for me is excellent and it is the W7 that stops right outside.

West Green Surgery is appalling anyway. The practice manager pretended not to be the practice manager when I needed to raise a complaint about the way I was treated by the surgery, and was rude and dismissive when I finally was able to put in my complaint.

I hear good things about the Vale Practice, which is in Crouch End.

Just for a bit of balance Cat, I joined the West Green surgery a year or so ago and have nothing but praise for them. I find them friendly, polite and helpful. They seem to have no hesitation in referring me for expensive tests such as MRI scans etc. I can usually be seen within an hour after waking in off the street without an appointment.

I'm sorry that not everybody is as happy with them as I am.

That's incredible to me, I had hardly a single good experience in the 3-4 years I was with them. I left last April though. I always had to wait a minimum of 20 minutes after the appointment time, more like 30-45 usually, and found the reception staff to be more than useless.

I also have a chronic illness that's managed by the hospital team and West Green dealt with that completely inappropriately, and did not adhere to my written dissent for them to keep trying to drag me in for appointments in which I was given completely inappropriate advice about my condition.

I ended up putting a complaint in to NHS England because things were so terrible there. I'm glad you have found them to be better! There was a spell when the doctors themselves were pretty good once you got past reception and the long waiting times, but then that dwindled until it was only the lovely lady doctor who was worth seeing (who went on maternity leave at the start of last year!). Maybe they've had a new recruitment drive.



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