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Can anyone recommend a dentist in Haringey that takes NHS patients?  I have two front teeth that require allot of work (years of having an eating disorder).  I previously went to Park Road Dental practise but felt they were a bit disorganised (had to remind them I was meant to have a mouth guard mould.)  I really need to get my front teeth capped and have been told that because they are worn away I need to build them up with filling material which is fine but I would like a second opinion.

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I've been a patient of Gillian Ward at Kind and Dental down at Newington Green for over 10 years. She is very good and straight talking. It's not quite in Harringay, but you can get there directly on the 141 or 341 from Green Lanes in under 15 minutes.
The dentist on Green Lanes next to Iceland takes NHS and he's a really nice chap. His name is Jinit Shah.

One thing to note with dentists is that they don't have to be near where you live like a doctor, you can pick one wherever is convenient (e.g. near work, etc)

I lived in E17 for 1yr....20 yrs ago....and I'm still registered with Mr Wardle near Blackhorse Rd.
Hi, i second the comment about not having to live in the area to register with a dentist, but yes of course it often makes it easier to have one nearer home, or some choose one near their workplace.
I have been registered with Millenium Dental Practice at Turnpike Lane for quite a while, and as far as i know they are registering NHS patients.
I have worked in the dental field for a number of years, and yes that is an option to build the teeth up, or the other option you might be given is to cap them, meaning putting crowns on them, this will depend on how much of your own tooth is left and the condition of the roots etc.
I hope you find somewhere.



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