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we received a note through the door for a website called Nextdoor.co.uk

I read some bad reviews about this site, does anyone know more?

Is it similar to HOL?

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It's a US-based site financed by huge wodges of venture capital.  It's not a scam, I was at the UK launch last year.

It's like HoL in that it's local but it's not like HoL in that ultimately their aim is to gather personal data and commercialise it in one way or another (though the venture capital funding has pushed back the day it needs to start to wash its face). HoL's purpose comes from a passion to support the area and the people  who live in it. 

Ok, good to know.

I think I will certainly leave it a while, HoL works great.


According to the site "Nextdoor never shares your personal information with third-party advertisers."  ... so the commercialisation I guess is in the form of serving targeted adverts, i.e. creating a profile of you within the site, then serving ads that are targeted to your profile? Or is there more than that going on?

All I can say is that right now they're pretty uncommercialised because they're working on huge amounts of venture capital. Sooner or later they'll need to start making money. Your guess as to the options are as good as mine.
It's a horrible 'local' web site ( show a picture of somewhere else when you sign in) and they share your exact location with everyone right from the beginning. I can't see that ever taking off. It's fricking dangerous.

Who would stand up and talk at speakers corner if their home address was being advertised to all and sundry ?

Also after a didn't verify my account for two weeks, they just automatically joined me, making the verification system a bit suspect,
Streetlife users in Nextdoor privacy row

Latest on Nextdoor on the BBC if anyone is interested.

Yes I just signed in to Streetlife after a long absence and was directed to Nextdoor. As other poster said, it gives your full address unless you remove your door number. Only offers a very restricted neighbourhood. Rubbish.

I also de-activated my account, but I can't seem to find an option for deleting it entirely. I can always re-activate by using the same login details which makes me think I'm not properly deleted...

Agree. I don't want to be on their system at all and will see if can do.



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