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If you have some sewing you'd like a hand with, some of us will be there with a sewing machine or two and some sewing\darning skills to help.

Here's the latest list of things people have asked for help repairing this Saturday - if you could lend a hand we'd be grateful:
1.Pure DAB entertainment centre. Radio works but it stopped playing CDs
2.Roku Soundbridge. burnt out diode
3.Dyson hand held. Not working properly
4.Amcor Dehumidifier DESD8 L- shows humidity reading and blows air but dehumidifier doesn’t kick in.
5.Holey M&S jumper. Holey cashmere jumpers! Looking for help with darning
6.Table lamp - switch and/or bulb holder does not work.
7.Devola dehumidifier. 20L compressor. It stops working after a few minutes and displays the error code C1.
8.Philips Lumie Alarm clock. I dropped it on the floor and now it doesn't work properly. I have tried changing the light bulb but it still wont light up gradually anymore which is the point of the product.
9.Lampshade broken (soldering job I think) and only working intermittently (loose connection?)
10.Holey Jumper
11.Gaggia Classic, model from 2006. I had issues with leaking and I have tried to dismount the boiler to clean it. Due to limescale / leaks, some components are stuck (and a couple of bolts/nuts are stripped); I would really appreciate some help to disassemble it.
12.Some speakers that need repair
13. Breville Lustra 4-slice toaster. The racks in one of the slots have become loose & warped.
If you can mend these or want to learn by 'shadowing' a repairer, please book a free 'volunteer' or observer' ticket and come on down 🙂

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