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So I was thinking about making a new year's resolution about doing something for the area over the next year. I was going to commit to always reporting fly tipping whenever I see it, as it really bugs me. But then I was also thinking about watering new trees or planters when they were looking dry or trying out different shops on the green lanes.

I thought I'd post as it's a good way of committing myself, and also to see if anyone else wanted to join me. 

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You could do both - the flytipping is really easy to report through LoveCleanStreets on the app . It locates your position, you submit a photo and brief report and it is usually cleared by the next day.

Hi Maddy;

It doesn't always work.  I reported a burnt out light on Beresford Road on Dec 9th, more than a month ago now.  Nothing.  It still hasn't been fixed.  There is now a light out on the other side of the road.  It's very dark walking at the top of the road at night.  Night meaning 5pm onwards at this time of year.   The incompetence of the Council's systems and procedures drives me nuts.  I have gone back to the manager, Mark Steven's who told me to use LoveCleanStreets saying 'Going to an individual is it’s a potential ‘single point of failure’.  It seems reporting an issue on a website is a 'multiple point of failure.'  Clearly, neither works.  In my recent email to him, I copied in Zena Brabazon who got back to me to say she emailed him to.  Still nothing.  And please, don't offer me any more suggestions.  Rant over.

Excellent resolutions and I will join you!

You've reminded me of an old blog post of mine (back when Hugh and I used to do blogs!) about just this topic of New Year's resolutions. I've just gone back and updated it as the last time I touched it was 2014 (I've been here a looong time). Click here to see it

Another idea:"My square metre" if everyone just made a mental note to take care of the space a square metre outside their front gate i.e. the bit of pavement or public space outside their home by picking up litter, reporting problems, planting something if possible, could it help? 

Cowper you have my sympathy, the issue with our street light is STILL not resolved. I've written and spoken to everyone I can think of citing safety concerns but still no action. 

I think it is a case of "computer says no" despite all the human reports to the contrary.

This kind of thing will be more prevalent as humans are replaced with systems. Especially when you have to report it to a chatbot not a person as will also be more likely. It seems the future will not be as brightly lit as we would have hoped



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