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I just passed a new vegan cafe at 503 Seven Sisters Road, just past the junction with St Ann's Road heading towards Manor House. Does anyone know when it is going to open?

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It's great that there's more variety yet. But what's with the naming/copywriting? Vegan teas and treats? What teas aren't vegan?  

Or treated with pesticides

Some people have steak for tea. That's not vegan.

Maybe they're referring to high tea / afternoon tea / cream (substitute) teas?

"Vegan" seems to be the new Thing, for people for whom vegetarian is simple too retro and last year's thing. There is always someone who wants to be more extreme than others. I like vegetarian meals but I'm not so stupid as to exclude dairy products, and eggs, from my diet.

I'm not sure what purpose it would serve to restrict ones diet in the interests of being extreme.  I suspect its more likely that with increased publicity regarding the cruelty of the dairy industry many would consider this a sensible development from vegetarianism.  Whilst not vegan personally it is perfectly possible to eat a balanced and healthy diet.  I'm struggling to see anything stupid about it?  Exciting to see a new cafe in the area :)

Well for myself, I have MS and a very thick book full of evidence that the saturated fat in animal products is very bad for me, and that dairy in particular triggers a specific immune response that I want to avoid. Since going plant based (plus fish) at the start of last year I have felt fantastic, run two marathons, two ultra marathons and I capped off the year by climbing a 4300m mountain.

The diet and other lifestyle changes contained in Overcoming MS is suitable for anyone who wants to look after their health, but especially people with heart conditions and other autoimmune conditions.

I'm unlikely to indulge in any vegan "treats" though as they almost always contain coconut oil or other dodgy fats.

What? Why do you care what other people eat Graham? People you've never met. And further why do you care what other people eat to such a degree you go on a local community noticeboard to criticise them for exercising their own choices? And not only that you question their motivations for doing so too. Eeesh. No one care about your cleverness in eating eggs and dairy. No one cares what you eat Graham and I expect we'd all rather you felt the same way.

New? Jains and many Hindus and Buddhists have been vegan for few hundred years.

Thank you for Highlighting this, will look forward to visiting

Kind regards

It still hasn't opened, although there are signs that they are getting it ready. Meanwhile another cafe at 643 Seven Sisters Road has become vegan! It is called Breakilicious and is opposite Wickes. It serves Caribbean inspired vegan food. https://breakilicious.business.site/

As far as I am aware this is the first vegan cafe or restaurant in Tottenham, and only the second in Haringey, after Karamel in Wood Green, https://karamelrestaurant.com/





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