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Each of the trees will be typically 8-10 years old and up to 4 metres tall and planted with barriers to avoid the roots causing damage.”

Well, it’s a start I suppose. 

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Is McDonald's paying for them? So far, mostly on the other side of the road...

Isn’t it the council? Can’t remember. If you look at the original thread I think it says (that’s where I copied the quotes text from). 

According to this statement, it's the Council.

I think I see a lime tree. I don’t understand why these huge trees are planted so close to the kerb where they will pose problems in the future…

But I guess beggars can’t be choosers can we. We settle for the sub grade public realm that is foisted upon us because the powers that be just can’t be asrsed to solve the issues properly.

And WE vote them in…



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