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TfL has announced that it placing a £1.5bn order to design and build almost 100 new tube trains for use on the Piccadilly line.

This order will mean the replacement of the entire 1970s Piccadilly line fleet from 2023.

The upgrade will mean up to 27 trains-per-hour to operate at peak times by the end of 2026 (up from the current service level of 24). This is a train every 2 minutes at the busiest times.

Each new train will be six metres longer than the existing Piccadilly line trains. They will include walk-through, fully air conditioned carriages and improved accessibility.

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Using the same data source, looking at two comparatively long stretches of line (Caledonian to Kings Cross vs Highbury to Kings Cross), the Victoria line reaches 54 mph, whereas the Piccadilly only reaches 43 mph.

I think the route also would be a major determinant - if for example it has turns which cause drivers to slow down...

It could be, but if you look at this map which shows the a true representation of the routes, neither one looks particularly more convoluted than the other.

about time. good that we have a mayor who agrees with public transport and green policies now

Another factor is the Piccadilly line trains are driven (manually) more cautiously than the automated Victoria line because the wheel-slip protection is not as effective as on more modern stock. That's also why in slippery autumn conditions they developed wheel flats en masse which 'decimated' the service two autumns running.

I've never understood why the northbound journey times between Manor House and Turnpike Lane differ so much from day to day. There seems to be no correlation with congestion on the line or evening out the service (the latter would normally occur on the platform).

Hmm I wonder if this is the time to re-float the ancient idea of s green Lanes Piccadilly line interchange station?

Yes an ancient idea predating the Piccadilly line extention to Cockfosters, - would love it, living 150 metres away from Harringay Green Lanes station.

But what's the budget/where are the funds? Didn't 'fly' in 1930 even.....



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