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If the proposers of Crouch End have their way, the A1201 by the clocktower will have one of its forks blocked in order to create a new "town square".

I'm all for town squares anywhere. but it does look to me that this proposed scheme will create a significant hurdle for buses and reduce traffic flow on a key 'A' road. 

The plans follow the announcement earlier in the year that Haringey won the initial stage of TfL’s liveable Neighbourhoods programme. They now have £1.25m to develop the proposals and are looking at a pot worth £5.8 million if everything comes together. I hope part of the initial funding is spent on an impact assessment at least as stringent as the one imposed on the recent Wightman proposals and covering just as wide an area, if not wider. 

The Crouch End Forum have put forward a proposal which includes the 'Waitrose Square'. Full proposal attached.

Looking to our East and then to our West, one has to wonder whether there aren't other areas more in need of £6m than Crouch End. As much as I love the old girl, it's not the area most in need of, as the Council put it, "proposals to improve cyclist and pedestrian conditions ", nor, as the Crouch End Forum claim, the one in need of an injection of life into the high street. 

When there's very limited funds, the Council needs to search its conscience about where the funds are directed. So, all eyes on the new administration to see where their priorities truly lie.

As for Harringay, we'd be well advised to keep an eye on the possible impact on our neighbourhood. 

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It's certainly supportable in principle....

This is good:

But strangely doesn't mention all the data they collected during the Green Lanes Area Transport Study.

Remember the proposal is written by Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum, not the Council.

It has Haringey's corporate logo though?

I'm sure it's a Council document.

I'd assumed it was written by CNEF in co-operation with the Council, but maybe you're right. Perhaps it's a  Council initiative, endorsed by CENF.

The final para says they need to consult with the Crouch End NF. Maybe this is a draft document that got sent to CENF as part of that consultation? 

Definitely a Haringey Council document, but it seems to have been written by a different team from those involved with the Green Lanes Area Transport Study. For example, none of the officers or councillors used this sort of argument during the GLATS:

Instead we were fobbed off with responses like this:

I just tried to sign up to the FB page, as someone who lived in Crouch End for much of my life - and actually there doesn't seem to be anything to sign up to...........you just go straight through to a council page talking about the setting up of the neighbourhood forum seemingly as part of their 'consultation' structures. Rather strange I thought...........not at all clear who is in the forum or runs the webpage.......there is somebody active who seems to be looking for development sites...is that the job of a local resident or of a property developer or of the council? Are roles becoming blurred? http://www.crouchendforum.org.uk/crouch-end-on-the-rise-looking-ahe...

Is there not  a perfectly serviceable Town Square in front of Hornsey town hall ? Looks very like one to me.

There's me thinking I had had an original thought, foiled again. Just shows how important it is to read all the way through these things. I do feel that losing the rather nice , if neglected, space in front of HTH will be something of a shame. 

Look alright to me. The blocked road isn't used much, it's a one-way and not a lot of traffic goes through it; although people who do use is (mostly locals) will have to re-direct to roads which are narrower and often hard to exit onto busy main roads (Crouch End Hill and Park Road), so maybe some traffic management there would help. The cost is outrageous though! What, to block a road and pave the area? ok, a bit more than that, including endless feasibility studies, but still... And Waitrose is the one who's going to benefit most, now having people leisurely strolling past their coffee bar... can they chip in?

Makes a lot of sense. Good plan.



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