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Hi there,

We are moving to Harringay in two weeks and have an 8 week old baby boy. I would love to meet some other mums in the area and get to know about some groups to join. Can anyone recommend any? I would love to find a baby massage or breastfeeding group but am interested to hear about any others too.

Also, we would like to find out about any good nurseries in the area. A friend told me there was a great sure start centre but I havent been able to google it as she couldn't remember its name. Can anyone tell me what its called and the name of any other good nurseries.

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Hi P, You could start by looking at this post from a couple of months back.

Thanks. Will take a look!

Hi Pipplypig

We have just had a baby boy so have been looking at what's available in Harringay and around as well.

The two places we are aware of are Woodlands Park Chidren Centre (woodlands park road) and the Ladder Children Centre. Woodlands has a breast feeding class on Thursday's and is also a Sure Start centre.

I think the local NCT also runs a number sessions.

If you find a good baby massage then do let us know

Good luck with the move

Shaun (and Fran and Henry)

This is great. Will get in touch with both Woodlands and NCT.

Thanks Shaun, Fran and Henry


Rosie (pipplypig), Tom and George

I think the sure start centre your friend was thinking of is Woodlands Park Children's Centre. It has a daycare nursery and lots of other groups/activities in the community room. As Shaun says, this includes a lovely breastfeeding group held on Thursday mornings between 10-12. However, you should ring in advance to check the group is on, as school holidays start the week after next and lots of groups will close for the summer. Or you could pop in and pick up an activity timetable and ask them then. 

Baby massage - I used to go one over the railway tracks at Hornsey YMCA (http://www.ymcahornsey.org/harringayclub/).  Again, this will close over the summer so you will probably need to wait until Sept now.

I'm sure others will be along with some more suggestions...

I hadn't thought about the summer break. Ah well I'll still try to make contact and see if theres any info. Thanks for recommendations for BF and baby massage groups; that's a great help.

It used to really annoy me that everything stopped in the school holidays, but now my two are both at school I can see why.

I used to go to baby massage at Hornsey YMCA which was brilliant, their website has a timetable on it. The Happy Mondays there and another club on Friday mornings are both great when your baby is a bit older and mobile. I also went to baby music in the Church Hall on the junction of Ferme Park Road and Weston Park, from about 4 or 5 months old, and I had friends who went to a different baby music in Clissold Park. Libraries are also very good, they have activities and story telling sessions for children (and I think babies), and some have toy lending sessions - but again maybe for when you son is a little older.

I think Woodlands Children Centre (where my children went to nursery) have some play groups, I know the breastfeeding support group is great because I went there. The centre is open until the last 2 weeks in August but I don't know if they do the groups in the school holidays, and I'm not sure if Sure Start still exists with all the cuts.

I went to a few different play groups in a variety of church halls, it's a case of trying a few and seeing where you and your baby like best.

Do you know about Harringay Families http://haringeyfamilies.co.uk/? I was at their nearly new sale yesterday which is a great place to buy good quality second hand baby equipment, clothes and toys - the next sale is in September. But they also organise other events like the Summer Fun Day at the end of this month, and advertise local groups. 

I was amazed how different London seemed when you're around in the daytime, especially with a baby - it all became much more friendly. I'm sure you'll find some great groups and meet some like minded parents, my oldest is 8 now and I'm still friends with the people I met at my NCT classes - it's lovely that the children have known each other from birth.

Burghley Road Under 5's is open during the summer holidays.


North Harringay Primary also has a Parent & Toddler Group during term time - babies also welcome!

Thanks JulieB. Love the idea of baby music; will definitely look into that. Also I'd not heard of haringey families - that sounds great.


Ooh baby yoga sounds fun. Thanks Rolfy.



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