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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Our local bit is a really nice little stretch for a modest stroll.

Regularly see this character hanging around with a suspicious demeanour .....

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Lovely photo, what did you use to take it?

Hi, I used my smallest one for this, a Canon IXUS 510HS. It's the size of a small bar of soap so is so easily carried,  I was surprised by the top one which was taken on full zoom which is 12x. I know smart phones give great results but am still a fan of proper cameras .

We've been walking along here in the evenings. It's generally pretty quiet, apart from the bats.

Thats lovely. Where do you get onto that part?

That's the Wightman Road section. The entrances are at the top of Allison Road or the top of Hampden near the train station.

How noisy are those bats?? I love the creatures so must try an evening stroll.



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