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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!


Gosh, a completed opus! When I emailed Harringay Warehouse District based composer Stuart Wood early this year and asked if he had a New River Symphony in him, I never imagined it would end up in something like this. And I'm glad he chose the cantata route instead of the symphony one. (Harringay even gets a mention at 3:00). Thank you Stuart. Thank you choir. Great job.

It was great to get Water Aid involved too. It's a very worthwhile charity and it struck me that they were so well matched to get involved with our Hidden River Festival. They were really positive when I contacted them and eager to join in. I do hope that their involvement has helped them in some small way. If you'd like to add to that, I noticed a TV fund raising campaign on Channel 5 the other day. Please do make a donation this Christmas if you can.


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RIP Jojo, choir member and a lovely man.

Excellent - thank you to Stuart Wood, the Choir and the New River!!

I loved being part of the choir, it was a great experience - and I knew about thanks to Harringay Online. The tracks will be available to download from You Tube soon.

This is awesome! I love it.

splendid! Love it!

Just listened to this again- they did so well!

Happy memories: what a fabulous project - such a joy and privilege to be involved.



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