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The new Rakkas Cafe opposite McDonalds, though Turkish, seems to be offering a welcome change to most eateries on Green Lanes (click menu to enlarge).


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Just returned from my second visit.  It is a very friendly place with good food.  We had the sampled the daytime menu my 3 year-old adored his chicken strips with chips whilst I can vouch that the English breakfast was spot on with real quality sausages, and their bread is to die for. all in all a happy experience. I am looking forward to sample the main menu.

Thanks TW. So which menu have I reproduced above and do you know how it is different from the other one?
When I was there the other morning they showed me their evening menu which has fish and other dishes. It had a more Mediterranean feel to it.

...as in more Turkish?

Speaking to member of staff she described it as Mediterranean.  But yes there is Turkish element. but with only a few kebabs.

Hmm. A very strong contender for Sunday breakfast next week! I can't say no to Eggs Benedict ;-)

I went here twice yesterday and like it, once just for a coffee and latter for dinner. Its different from the standard Green Lanes Turkish. Can go just for a coffee or a freshly pressed juice, or a beer or have a snack or full meal. There is a big garden area out the back, wifi,  a guy doing live music in the evening. The menu is a sightly odd mix of Turkish and other things.  For dinner i had lamb rump with asparagus and red current sauce that looked like this:

Went for lunch here today, was a lovely place with great paninis and very friendly service. Will definately return for a breakfast as they looked great too. I hope things go well for the owners.

I went along to Rakkas last Friday for brunch and what a nice treat it was. I was very warmly welcomed and had a wonderful Istanbul style breakfast laid on for me which included, sausage and eggs, Istanbul style, jams, bread, a unique herbed cheese and a very decent cup of Illy coffee.

Chatting to owner Osman, I learned that they're planning to cover over the garden area with a canvas top and install a heater. So there'll be even more space at Rakkas soon.

The covered garden could then be a shisha smoking zone I presume? 

They didn't say. Maybe it's just an outside space?

Outside spaces increasingly used for smokers (who have been forced outside let's face it) or shisha with Turkish/Meditteranean restaurants. That is not a criticism by the way! Maybe they are covering it just because of our damp, cool climate and nothing more



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