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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Spotted this outside the new Finsbury Park M&S the other day

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No, sorry. I haven’t heard any more than you have. 

I got an update on this and the rumours aren’t true. M&S aren’t coming to Green Lanes

Thanks for confirming that. It was extremely unlikely to begin with. 

Do people really think that a M&S Food outlet is something desirable in a neighbourhood like ours?

The food is relatively expensive for what it is, very processed and hyper wrapped in mostly plastic!

I associate these places with train stations and office ‘quarters’ where the convenience aspect can make sense.

The clothes and home divisions are far more useful since they sell relatively good ranges of basics and reasonably priced products of good quality. But that is not what we would be getting!

I do a lot of my shopping with Ocado, which carries M&S products, so yes! Last night I worked until 8:30pm, I knew I had some bok choi in the fridge but I made sure I swung by M&S on my way to the tube station so I could buy some wild salmon to eat with it as a nice quick after work meal. Sainsbury's Local does not sell wild salmon and I don't eat farmed (I do limit my consumption to about once a month though). As for packaging, I get most of my dry goods and cleaning products from refill shops and most of my veg (including the bok choi) from Crop Drop in an attempt to minimise packaging. 

The clothes at M&S sadly haven't been good for over ten years. They got rid of any quality basics.

Also Finsbury Park is a station, so by your logic a perfect place for M&S Food. I haven't been inside yet as it was closed with I took that photo, but I'm looking forward to going there the next time I'm in the area. 

That is exactly what I mean.  So I don’t disagree with you.

The clothes are fine for some one of my gender, age, style/taste and shopping habits.

Of course their competition has grown over the years with arrival of the European cheap and less cheap fashion chains and a certain ‘Unique’ Japanese, ‘basics’ brand.

But for me I can swear that any pair of 36 waist y 31 length will fit. And usually for less than £40!


I’m with Sarah on M&S clothes — the last 10 years have seen a steady debasement of fabric quality, so things like sweaters and trousers are made of much thinner, cheaper, material that wears out more quickly, while the cuts have been changed to use less fabric, meaning clothes don’t fit as well. I have an M&S jacket bought probably 20 years ago (and made in England) with quality to match then-retailers such as Austin Reed or Jaeger, but you’d never find anything like that in M&S today.

When my mum visits from NZ (she grew up here though) she always asks to go to M&S first, then doesn't buy anything and asks to go to Uniqlo next to stock up on pants, as the M&S ones are no good now and Uniqlo do good Sloggi type pants for less ££

and the new development where the old shirt warehouse was has been spelling it "Harringey" for ages on it's hoardings.  I have been tempted to go there with a bottle of tip-ex.  

Well at least M&S got the Gay bit correct!

Rather than a food retailing stalwart, M&S looks rather like a shabby little organisation when their promotional copy includes misspellings such as “Haringay” and “Wilburforce Road”, and their English-as-a-foreign-language-style copy includes curious constructions such as “We’re now launched at M&S Finsbury Park”.

Not to mention "use your Sparks card for a chance to get your shopping for free". I think of my aunt every time I hear the self checkout say it, as "for free" really annoys her.



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