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I noticed this morning the shop that used to be William Hill (opposite Diyarbakir) on Green Lanes is being refitted with black frontage and lots of wooden fruit boxes being set out.

The guy working next door said it's going to be a organic grocery and juice bar. An upgrade from a bookmakers, and this end of Green Lanes definitely won't be short on grocers.

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I thought it was a bit pricey - £2 for non-organic celery. I wouldn't mind paying a premium for organic veg but they don't seem to have any.

We are in the Hungry Gap at the moment, might be better to wait until things are in season before we judge the prices.

Go to tescos dude there only a pound. Melons on west green for too

lol it’s the WholeFoods price scale. I think a lot of the grocers a la Yasar Halim run a high volume low margin trade so can support lower prices. These guys are positioned at a more premium end so I’m not at all surprised. I welcome the addition of a more upmarket presence on the high street but I’ll definitely be shopping selectively. 

Most of the veg (and especially herbs) at Yasar I find to be much, much better than Sainsburys etc, and also usually cheaper - been shopping there for years, and I'd only use Sainsburys/Tesco for things they don't have. Haven't been in for a week or two though.

Also like the principle of #shoplocal to maintain the vitality of the area and support local business (when the prove is right)

I have never, ever seen rotting or mouldy produce on the shelves at Yasir Halim. I'm very surprised by that comment.

I have seen both mice and mouldy veg in Yasar. Stopped me from shopping there. Rude cashiers ok. Mouldy veg amd mice, not ok. I did tell them whenever I spotted it, or milk past its sell by date, but they just shrugged and left it. Sad cause I do think Yasar is a little gem on our high street. 

Yes, unfortunately this is true.

The hygiene there is not of the best standard.

I do not trust the bakery , do they store all of their products away in the correct manner i wonder...

I have seen this too on occasions but not at Yasar. You need to understand the economics of running a small vs large business. You are not being scalped by smaller businesses - large supermarkets have enormous bargaining power and can get lower prices from supplier that they pass on to consumers. Nothing wrong with this. You wouldn’t catch me dead at Tesco’s buying their awful green bananas,  tasteless tomatoes and sliced bread that‘s got so much preservatives that it lasts for days...

I went in this week and got a wholemeal sourdough - it's very good. Been eating far too much of it. 

Price wise it's similar to Dudley's bakery sourdoughs you can get from the Londis on Ferme Park Road.

And it's not in a plastic bag.

So, in my book, it's the only place I know where you can get good bread on Green Lanes. 

That’s a great news for Green Lanes! Good bread is hard to find- although, let’s not forget the lovely Harringay Local Store. They are an independent shop too.

Don’t go to Sainsbury’s to buy fruits and veg- support all the other small shops on the lane! And they also have delicious bread... I’m sure you’ve all baked bread at home, and now can appreciate a good loaf even more.



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