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I spend quite a bit of time passing through Camden and Islington and there seems to have been quite a lot done in terms of new, segregated cycle lanes, filtering, low traffic neighbourhoods, etc

I've not seen anything at all in Haringey in Wood Green, Green Lanes, West Green but was wondering whether anything has been done in other parts of the borough or I've missed anything?

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There's a few bits (e.g. Endymion Road) but Haringey is well behind the curve, especially when compared to Hackney. https://twitter.com/CllrKirsten if you'd like to make your views known.

Haringey has not discovered bicycles yet. I cycle quite a lot in many boroughs and among the areas where I go, Haringey is by far the worse. CS1 is ludicrous when not a proper murder attempt.

As soon as you leave Haringay, you have

- nice segregated paths in Enfield along Green Lanes and Fore/Herdford Road. Not the best but still good.
- Islington good system of side road with crossing without traffic. Example the CS1 which become decent as soon as you enter another borough.
- Segregated lanes, often on pavement in Walthamstow

Is the Endymion Road pavement widening permanent? It looks fairly temporary compared to measures I've seen elsewhere.

I was hoping there may be stuff I'd missed but it's not looking positive.

very much temporary I think Andrew - I've seen that others have been removed on twitter

They've done some spectacular things around schools in Tottenham and Crouch End, like putting plastic barriers up to kettle people onto the pavements. They applied for money from Tfl saying they'd use it for school streets but they haven't done anything to reduce traffic. 

The dotted line unprotected "cycle lanes " on Station Rd have been widened. I think Haringay may have  missed the opportunity to apply for funds early in lockdown. 

Having a good knowledge of things going on in Islington, I have to say that Haringey is a borough very badly run in comparison to it - not just in regards to cycling.

I fully agree. I always feel that little bit safer as soon as I leave Haringey on my bike. We really need to hold the council to account at the next elections! There are a lot of people who feel the same. 

I was just reading about this in the latest. cycling mag, and seems there was quite a large pot of money available to distribute to councils. But they needed to put forward a feasible project. And seems some boroughs  have been much more proactive and others, and then actually been able to go ahead with with their plans. Other boroughs there has been lot more opposition etc

but I stand corrected as it’s only what I read in the LCC mag

Haringey Council actually received quite a large sum of that funding pot but you are right, not as much as other, more progressive boroughs. 

We have yet to see that money put into action though and I don't understand why other boroughs have already implemented LTN's, pop-up cycling/walking infrastructure etc...

They'd just park them there anyway, knowing the council won't enforce if they chuck a few quid into the Chamber of Commerce and kick up a stink about rates.

I worked near the Monument for a few months back in 2018, once you're over the top at Manor House it's actually not that hostile a ride, although the junction at the Brownswood can get tight and the traffic islands up the slope to Stokey Church St can cause trouble. Cycle-prio round the Green would be nice too.

Alas, for Hackney we can talk about these things with not-vain hope. The same simply can't be said for Haringey.

Haringey won funding for very specific things, namely "improving CS1" and "extending CS1 to Enfield".

Haringey's proposals were not thought out in the slightest and most were obviously never going to get funding as they could not have been implemented, which is why the only ones that got funding were TfL's already existing plans.



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