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The following on the popular new Riley's Ice cream shop in Crouch End from the Hornsey Journal:


Riley opened five weeks ago on the site of the former Propsero's Bookshop. Picture: Tony Gay 


Five weeks after opening Riley in The Broadway, Crouch End, has been told it cannot operate as an “ice cream coffee bar”.

Haringey Council rejected a planning bid for the former Prospero’s Bookshop to be used as a cafe because of the loss of an “important shopping unit”.

Owner Will Riley, an ex-banker who lives in Islington, said: “I am devastated, absolutely devastated. My heart, my soul and a huge sum of money has gone into building a wonderful business. The feedback we’ve had from the people of Crouch End has been absolutely spectacular.”

The business plans to appeal the decision and can continue trading in the meantime.

“We will by hook or by crook find a way of continuing because we’ve built up a very loyal clientele within a very short period of time,” said Mr Riley. “The people of Crouch End have been absolutely great.”

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No, I don't think this is true. Having looked at their website, it totally looks like a London-based business, with 2 cafes, one in London Bridge and one in Crouch End. I'm not aware of any Italian chain called Spiazzo and there is nothing on the website indicating they part of a larger group.

Well, I hate to sound like a Luddite, but I miss The Electricity Board Shop, and Prospero's. And Fads, come to think of it...

And the 7/11

The Electricity Board Shop! Those were the days ;-) At least it'll live-on in this:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0-ezIW9CAY&feature=sh_e_sl&...Peep Show Channel 4 intro
You may get an age related warning from You Tube when you click through. We've checked and the link is kosher. It just goes through to a Channel 4 comedy prog with views of Crouch at the start.
That is absolutely madness, a hideous decision by the council. I live off Green Lanes, and the council have been completely neglectful in allowing so many betting shops a huge amount of one kind of restaurant only, and far too many vegetable shops. You must be the only icecream palour for miles.  What is the matter with these over paid decision makers who seem to miss the point always not just once. Take Islington many variety of cafes, restaurants and shops - is that a problem - I don't think so.


Vegetable shops are found everywhere in Western Europe where there is a large Turkish population. It's one of the ways they've learnt that they can make a living (in a legal way?) - generally with work for the whole (male) family - as it isn't easy generally for them to find work.. I applaud that, although I imagine European wide Turkish vegetable networks have been set up, but I haven't heard of a veggie-mafia .. yet!

No doubt there would be 'Islington Style' stores in Harringay if everyone had 'Islington Style' wage packets. Let's be honest, I'm sure many Harringay residents would aspire and want to live there. After Crouch End of course :o)  - if they could afford it.

I actually think the problem is that many 'decision makers' are underpaid.. but perhaps those that contribute here might want to comment on that.

Ice-cream lovers shouldn't worry about Rileys.  I'm sure I saw a sign in a shop window on Park Road recently, near Oxfam, saying that it would shortly open as ... an ice-cream parlour.  We might have two - how marvellous! (NOT - in case my sarcasm wasn't evident.)

I love Riley's ice cream and do not want to see it close... ''Mr Riley start a petition''!!!

I wish the council would look at the number of nail/beautician shops that have sprung up lately in Crouch End, there are 4 facing each other on one section of the road alone.

Have the Italian deli made a complaint  because they seen their ice cream sales drop.... competition is healthy.


As a councillor I get this is a type of request from time to time. I have to say that petitions asking local councils to prevent shops changing their use to - for example a nail parlour - are unlikely to have any effect. This is because planning permission is only needed for changes between general groups of businesses

Please have a look at the Government's online Planning Portal here. It shows which types of shops need planning permission to change "Use Classes". You'll see that the legal powers of local councils are extremely limited.

There is also an ice cream parlour opening in Muswell Hill.
See update here.



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