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Think this was posted about in January. But is this going to be another branch of Dobar - the breakfast/brunch spot near Manor House? 

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I believe so

Actually not Dobar - some brassiere. They've got posters to their socials up in the window. Unfortunately in the 300m ride from there to my house I forgot the name. 

The guy who owns Dobar was coming out of the old post office the other day as I was looking in and he told me  it’s going to be part of Dobar and will open in about 2 months. Not sure if it will be called Dobar or something else though. 

Warham Rd eatery is in the Dobar [link] chain, whatever it's finally branded. Onic has posted about opening in July or so.

You could check 'Dobar' and 'Onic' in the HoL search box... there are a couple of discussions.

Apparently it is going to be Stamp (brasserie by Dobar) according to the branding on the windows



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