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I need to replace my boiler as it's very old and noisy. I am looking for recommendations for someone to fit a new one. I know it's expensive so I really want to go with someone reliable and professional who will do the job thoroughly. If anyone has good experiences please do let me know. I would particularly like to hear from people who had it fitted a couple of years ago and things are still working well!

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Poor you - its a nasty chunk of money...we had a new boiler last year supplied and installed by British Gas since we had insurance with them..they have an offer on of £200 off boilers if you apply before end of March . They were organised but did subcontract the installation which went smoothly and we got a year off paying the policy insurance. So far its behaved

Thank you Kate. I was hoping to go for a local company but  I might look into British Gas 

A and P gas have done work for me over 30 years. Reliable and friendly. 

Thanks Philip I'll look into them

Yes - A & P Gas have been for us for many years now.

Yes we've used them for years too, both for servicing/fixing our old boiler and for replacing it when they could no longer fix it. Very professional, reliable and reasonably priced.

Thanks for the extra recommendations for A&P David and Julie

Do any of these firms do the free boilers for those on low incomes?

Had boiler and unvented cylinder (and subsequent servicing) done by Gareth from GB Plumbing - did a great job


Thank you Tim - will look into this one

Another endorsement for A&P from me — have used them since they were based in Green Lanes for installation and servicing and thoroughly recommend.

Same - I've used A&P apart from a few years when I had Home-Serve insurance. Home-Serve's engineer failed to pick up a leak during the boiler's annual service, which ended up destroying the boiler. Turned out that although the insurance paid for a new boiler (the very very cheapest model) it had to be installed by their engineers and the installation cost was over £3k.  Went back to A&P where installation AND boiler were under £3k and their customer service was great.



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