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Hi Everyone

Network Rail will be undertaking investigatory works of the bridge on Wightman Road N4. These works are scheduled to take place between 16 November 2015 and 20 November 2015, and will involve the use of temporary two-way traffic signals, which will be manually controlled during peak hours.


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I'm loving the way that Wightman Rd is being messed around for traffic at the moment. The Carbon Monoxide leak on Friday night was priceless.

And the electric blackout over the past week, you know you have to of been without power for 12 hours before you can claim compensation, ridiculous .
What's happening on Hampden Rd, Railway Approach? this route is neglected, children use this route to get to school, it is a main pedestrian route from Hornsey to the Ladder.

Hornsey Station should be a gateway to the Area, instead it is an embarrassment, what is the council doing to improve pedestrian access here?

Millions are being spent at the Hornsey Depot, I am frustrated that nothing changes to improve conditions for residents. Volker Fitzpatrick, Network Rail and Haringey Council need to meet on this. A lift was installed at Kew Bridge overnight, and illustrates what can be done. Are there any plans on offer you can push for?

Please do a site visit and tell me if the conditions are acceptable. I have emailed potential areas for improvements, let me know if you have not received them.

I have met with Volker Fitspatick to discuss areas for improvement, is there any section 106 contributions from the depot renewal that could contribute? ultimately Network Rail should be making improvements, and Haringey Council should work in partnership to provide improvements for residents. I am happy to dedicate time to this, and help where I can.
As a thought Palisade fencing on Wightman Road, (in front of the Jewson's site,) could have been colour coated, rather than Galvanised, the replacement of the traditional timber fence has negatively impacted on Wightman Road, with a more hostile feel. Ali Pali have reinstated timber fencing, 'like for like,' they seem to think anything is acceptable in Harringay.

The conker coloured palisade fencing used at Friary Park, Frein Barnet Lane has provided an acceptable result that compliments the park, and would have been done with community engagement with its installation.

Although a 'nice to have,' considerations like this can have a tangible outcome, without added cost. You may even Agree.
Rail can change our urban landscape, and should attract interest to design and improve public spaces,
to integrate together with station designs and improve our user experience, as the travelling public.

You are right - it is awful the approach. In addition to the usual litter is it now so dirty and muddy that you can barely see the ridiculously tiny pedestrian crossing they have painted.  You turn to work looking like you have walked through a field.  And there is nowhere for people to park bikes so these get changed to the bridge. And don't get me started on the train service at the moment.  Why more trains don's stop here during rush hour beggars belief.



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