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Following the issuing of BGORUG's press release http://tinyurl.com/hzowzmk Network Rail has confirmed to local press that the line will reopen on Monday 27 February but as the electrification work is so behind it is planning further closures later in the year and will announce these next week.

Trains are expected to operate to the same timetable as before closure, but it is expected that weekend services will not run until further notice.

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Further to the above, it is likely that some freight trains will use the line on Saturday morning and some empty passenger trains may run for driver 'refreshers'. This is contingent on track and signalling being found to be fit for traffic before the engineer's possession is given up!

1. No new trains available by July 2017 - still being constructed and later tested. Due in service 'early' 2018.

2. Won't be Wightman Road closure for 6 months (my estimate). Bridge jacking up probably over a weekend - road level raising (longer) follows on. Network Rail's documents dated 2012 HERE declare the work that needs to be done. Whether that document was later lost in inter-organisational communication who knows.  Agreed, it's still bad. How will the burghers of Crouch End and (worse) Muswell Hill cope when their speedy Finsbury Park chariot has to go round the houses??

Thanks Gordon.

Just to add the LOTRAIN contract TfL signed with Bombardier specified that the first 4-car electric unit to be delivered between December 2017 and February 2018. After testing and acceptance by TfL, the remainder will follow at roughly weekly intervals.



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