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Network Rail have formally announced on their website that Wightman Road bridge will reopen on Monday 5th September:


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Interesting, I've just looked the maps for the CPZ and it appears there is a small part on there that is allows parking on the Gardens/Ladder where you aren't actually a resident of those roads.  So yea, I guess in that case, you wouldn't be a win for you :(

Sorry I don't know what you mean by 'small part'?

I suppose it's all about boundaries, I live within the GL boundary so have a GL CPZ residents permit. I know that a permit doesn't entitle you to park in a specific space eg, right outside your house but it allows you to park in your local area.

By small part I mean that the GL CPZ Zone A covers:

  • Wightman and the Ladder roads
  • Endymion Road and Lothair Road (Which I assume are considered ladder roads)
  • The Gardens
  • Williamson Road
  • Finsbury Park Ave and off shoots

The last two items would be the only ones that wouldn't have access to the gardens barriers or I expect the ladder ones.  Or have I misunderstood and resident permits are not split by Zone A and Zone B?  Not owning a car since I've moved to the area, I'm not entirely sure.

I'm in GL (B) which I understand was introduced a year or so later as an extension to GL (A). I can park in A and A permits can park in B.

I didn't realise GL went as far as Williamson and Finsbury Park Ave, I know it stops about half way up the ladder roads and it becomes Wood Green.

Something that didn't occur to me (until Ant mentioned it in the other thread), if the restrictions on the barriers included not only the people living on the ladder, but the people in the GL CPZ.  Would this change it to a win for the areas.  This should:

1. Give locals a quicker route out of the area by been able to skip Green Lanes

2. Reduce the amount of standing traffic on Green Lanes as the local users would no doubt prefer using the ladder.  (Another way to improve this would be to remove parking along Green Lanes, but that's another issue with other problems)

3. Although it would increase the amount of traffic from the amount if only locals used it (~50k), but should still be a massive decrease on the current load of 200k.



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