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My son has booked an appointment to give notice of a civil partnership. The council sent him a confirmation email, but it didn’t contain his or his proposed partner’s names. He has been on the phone almost every day this week trying to get this rectified, without success. For some background, his partner is an American citizen and they need to provide evidence of this appointment to the home office as part of their visa application.

Today, on call number 4, he’s been told that the names are not meant to appear in the confirmation email (despite there being obvious spaces for names in the text). During other calls, he’s been told that the registrar would contact him, or that the missing names were because of a technical issue, and a new email would be sent. In other words, during every call, he’s been given a different excuse/problem/promise. He’s at the end of his rope and just needs help getting through, as this has been going on for weeks, delaying their visa application.

Any suggestions anyone? It really is getting desperate.

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Haringey council. Practically useless at everything.

Have you tried contacting one of your local councillors?

He’s been in touch with Noah Tucker, I believe, though that hasn’t really lead anywhere.

try one of the useful local councillors! (ie either of the other two)

Or whoever the relevant cabinet member is - Cllr Chandwani maybe?

Thanks. They finally sent what he needed, after 3 weeks of emails and calls. Got there in the end, though it’s delayed their visa application by 3 weeks!

oh I'm glad!

Each resident has two or three councillors. If your son has been in touch with Noah Tucker, it sounds like he’s in St Ann’s ward. There are two other councillors for that ward, both of whom are good. Alternatively, I’d go up to the registry office in person and talk to someone face to face. 

Thanks, yes I’ve suggested he get in touch with Julie Davies or Mike Hakata. It’s the most ridiculous situation. He just needs an email, that already exists on their system, sent to him including his name. How hard can it be??

Try contacting one of the Lib Dem councillors - they have been holding this council to account of a load of things and are particularly positive on LGBT issues.  I have found that even where they are not your local councillor they are keen to help. 

Dear Carol,

First of all, congratulations and best wishes to your son and future son-in-law.

There are, I believe, procedures that need to be gone through when a couple are planning to marry (or, as here, enter into the equivalent) and one of the parties does not have permanent UK residence, although for the moment I do not know the details.

I think the best way to start would be to get a definitive view on what the Council's "line" actually is. To that end, I am forwarding your question to Cllr Luke Harrison, the Lib Dem Group Leader, with a request that he make an enquiry of the Registrar. Once that has yielded an answer, I'll of course pass it on to you.

If you wish to speak with me in the meantime, just send your phone number to me via an email marked for my attention to harringay@haringeylibdems.org 

All the best,

David Schmitz

Former Councillor and current Lib Dem Council candidate for Harringay Ward

Thank you so much David. My son and his future partner have a solicitor in place guiding their application, so they’re ok on that front. The solicitor has suggested that it will strengthen their case to the home office if they have their appointment to give notice of a civil partnership in place at the time of application, but my son is currently unable to get anyone at the registrar’s office to supply evidence that he’s booked the appointment. The confirmation email that he received didn’t contain his or his partner’s names, nor did it contain the booking reference. As I said, he’s been on the phone repeatedly, and every time is given a different promise/excuse. Every day that this carries on delays their application, and delays her arrival from the USA.

I’m very grateful for any help you can provide. It’s making him crazy!

Thanks for the clarification. Clearly a more straightforward issue than I had figured. I’ll pass this on.



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