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I have some ankle length suede boots that need to be re-heeled, can anyone recommend somewhere for me? Preferably in the Green Lanes area.

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If you don't mind going as far as Newington Green:


I've also had mine done at Zephyr dry cleaners - they have to send them away though:


There's a cobbler in the Shopping Centre Mall, and also I think on Westbury Avenue opposite the bus station.

I went to Zephyr to get some jeans darned, I didn't know they facilitate shoe re-heeling so I think I will take them there at the weekend, thank you :)

Yes I was going to suggest Zephyr for re-heeling! I had my husband's smart brogues re-heeled there and they came back as new :)

There's a cobbler on West Green Road near the railway bridge.  They're pretty good.

There's also a cobbler in Crouch End who did a good job on some boots for me last year.

I have used the cobbler on Westbury Ave and he is old style and good.  He has also mended a bag. I also tried the dry cleaner opposite the Salisbury.  They were ridiculously expensive. 

I just dropped them off at Zephyr. The lady said they would be back in on Tuesday which I was very impressed with!



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