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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

The government is trying to get as many people as possible to complete the census online this year.

I knew that, but when I got a letter from the Census 2021 department this week, I opened it, took the most cursory of looks and set it aside, thinking that it was just general blah about the forthcoming census.

I almost threw it away this morning, but noticed a big bold code printed about half way down. It looked like the sort of unique code you get on voter registration. So I took a second look.

it turned out that the letter was my invitation to complete the census online.

Perhaps I was being ditzy, perhaps the design could have been better. Either way,  I share this to alert any other potential ditzes out there.

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You can request a paper version of the census form via this link: https://census.gov.uk/en/request/paper-questionnaire/enter-address/

I'm looking forward to the release of the 1921 census data early next year, for some family research I've been doing.

It's being released through Findmypast, which means we'll have to pay to look at it - I imagine there's a lot of work involved in transcribing all those handwritten forms. (Shame it isn't Ancestry.co though, as the library subscribes to that and you can use it free.)

I am glad that someone else has come on to say this, as I was wondering if anyone else would! And knew I will not be the only one to receive this, they must know when people move etc as I am relatively new where I am, yes I thought oh anyway not a big deal, then saw the threat of a 1k fine if not filled out by the 21st of March if I am right. 

Thanks for this.  I did not actually receive a copy of this letter but noticed that my neighbour did.  How can I get one as I would prefer to complete it online?


Morning Grazyna, you can request a new access code from the link below


Thanks.  Michael.  I have done so and it worked very well.

Many thanks Michael and Hugh

Thanks for mentioning that, Hugh. I have literally just fished it out of the recycling bin.

Whoops, missed that. think mine went straight in the recycling bin

Thanks Hugh! Totally missed mine too.  Doing it now!

Whew.... as a result I have just been rummaging in my recycling bin but think I chucked it last week!  My neighbour read your post, Hugh and circulated it on our resident's association email.  Much appreciated.....



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