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If you fancy snapping up a bargain or making some money on your unwanted stuff, it may be worth trying out these local car boots. The page can also be accessed via the drop-down menu from the events tab.

Does anyone have any experience of them?

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I have had some experience of the Wood Green/New River boot sale, picked up some great original period taps that had been pulled out of an old bathroom... £10 after the 'got to be done' haggling. These would have had a price tag worth 5 times this at a reclaim yard. They may well have accepted less, whilst I certainly would have paid more! It's all part of the fun... Bargain!

There is also a large boot sale further down White Hart Lane (not far from the Somerfield shop/garage) I picked up some brand new yale locks, and saved 75% on Homebase prices!

The fruit and veg stalls aren't bad either, especially if you want to buy in bulk - sack of spuds, onions etc.

I love the mix of people and the atmosphere... fun listening to all the waffle too!
Thanks for that Steve. Is the other sale you mention the one listed at the New River Sports Centre or is there yet a another?
This is a different boot sale, don't think it was listed... it's just a bit further down White Hart Lane (on the right hand side, a football/rugby pitch incorporating the car park).

I went there on a Sunday morning, far bigger than the New River one too.
Oooh fab I love a good rumage and am desperately on the lookout for some vintage crockery for my wedding - - I have been to the one on White hart lane on a Sunday mornnig - to be honest was not my cup of tea - more like a market with proper stalls than a proper car boot.
The other ones sound great though - shame they are on in the week as I work full time - has anyone been to the Holloway one - is it worth checking out? I have also noticed one at a school on the Kingsland Road on a Sunday its a little further away but it looks good
There is a massive boot sale in Cuffley on Sundays... in a field. Quite a nice trip out as it is near all the garden centres at Crews Hill. No disrespect to anyone selling 'old' old tat, but I have heard it said that there is often a good class of 'old tat' at many of these stalls.

I suppose it is the same theory as to why some people have been known to visit charity shops in richer area's. Designer cast offs etc.

That said, a boot sale is a boot sale, can be very good fun if you like that sort of thing! I do, and is it me or, has saving money become quite fashionable again?

I have to chuckle every time I hear "do you like it - it's Primani"
Thanks for the local tips. I've updated the page with the 2nd Tottenham market, the Odeon Holloway market & the Hackney one.

Thanks to Steve H for the Cuffley recommendation. The Time Out article linked to at the bottom of the Car Boot page gives more details.

We run the Car Boot in Weston Park school in Crouch End and eventhou it's smaller than others it has great variety..vintage dresses, kids prams, baths, crockery, musical instruments, art, bric a brac...

I thin k it's ideal for new families and art lovers.

We also run a cafe with hot food and drinks and we have toilets on site. Kids can run around safely..

We have one this Sunday if you fancy popping in to check it out!



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