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An old amusements shop (used to be grey) had a coat of paint and some anti-nosey paper on the window. Next to Antepliler. Anyone know anything?

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Used to look like this;

A couple of months ago it had a notice in the window saying it had been bought and would become an arcade (as it was previously).

Chuckled at the taping of the 'anti-nosey' paper to the outside of the windows.

So will that be a hipster arcade then?

I can't remember all the details but I think the listed company was some bog-standard amusements thing.

Low odds gaming is what it is licences for, unfortunately the licence is attributable to the value of the property, it's up to the land lord, it's like land rights, if no one goes in, the landlord might see its value might be better as a shop. I hear Ladbroke's are closing on the corner of Salisbury Rd. So maybe they'll get the message.
Where did you hear that, Matt?

Pacman, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders while drinking craft coffee?

Your vision is nearly a reality, my top score on packman is at Harringay Local Store, and it's free,
for the coffee it's Blend, it's a pier to pier event.

A retro gaming hub, (think of all those Gameboys and Nintendo's wedged in the sofa that could be brought back to life,) do you have a name.. Blake 7, Galaxy, Mario's, Wipe Out? Music by Fluke and Artwork by Designers Republic? It would be like Notting Hill exchange, with a twist, it may even be host to a Star Trek convention.

This beats the Thomas the Tank Engine toy shop at Harringay Green Lanes station idea.. just.

Oh yeah don't forget the coffee, a cafe ole decaf for me, no make that an ice coffee, don't tell Steve...

We're just dismayed that it could be more than amusements exploiting people, this is our distraction.

I hope 5p is right though.
We have a hipster fish 'n' chips opposite McDonald's #something?

I got a takeaway.  Expensive but the chips were good.  I thought the decor was nice, but I am a bit hipster myself.  They offered me a free beer, but I was just coming home from the pub so declined.  The name is just silly though.

Yep. Some local is making a killing selling their leftover piping and funky light bulbs. Jar started it, then Brouhaha, Autograf and now #Hashtag *shudders at name*

I ate there last night and it was delicious and my drunken cheekiness at the counter was rewarded with an extra bag of free chips which I then tried to share with the high street.



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