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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

it used to be 4 - 7pm, but Haringey Council has removed the signs in Jan stating this SO IT IS NOW 24HRS.

Nice of HC to inform us - NOT.

They could have amended the signs to 24 hours for a a couple of months and then removed them. 

But that wouldnt suit the Council, they make a lot more by not informing us. 

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So it's true that Muswell Hill is all leafy!!  We had heard rumours.

Indeed it is the Apex of Haringey leafyness.....

A basic rule for all road users is: Assume nothing. Bus lane times included.

Also, emergency vehicles can and do travel in bus lanes because they're usually free of other traffic and so they get faster passage. So keeping the bus lane clear is good sense.

LBH trying to catch up with LBI and Camden

All Councils are now playing nasty with the puny motorist to fund their boroughs.

I've  given up motoring except once or twice a year, and still get caught out....

Hi everyone,

I have lived & worked in Haringey for 50 years

& I am disgusted with their latest attempt

to steal your money..

You can appeal on following 3 grounds,

1/there are NO warning signs on exits of 2

roads (Springfield Ave & Grosvenor gardens on right-hand

side as you drive up Muswell hill, although they are correctly

placed on roads to left.INSUFFICIENT SIGNAGE

2/ Sign plates are still in position stating

MON-SAT 7am-7pm(no stopping)

No Loading MON-FRI 7-10 AM 4-7PM

technically inviting you into bus lane.


when driving uphill past clearly displayed large

yellow warning sign, if you are behind a bus (LOL) or any

large vehicle you will NOT see this time to fully read it


don't give them your money & please share with all your contacts,,


ps will try to add all pics I have asap

Can you provide photo of signage you have for bus lane. 

Will add some pics later. Just received email from haringey canceling my pcn.  They agreed on insufficient signage,  &  admitting they hadn't updated all signage. will prob now ask local paper if they are interested as I believe all pcn 's issued should now be cancelled.

Hello Dougie, did you ever post your pictures? They’re not cancelling mine so am going to make formal representations. 

Hi  Meg,  I've not added pics,  I did add the email haringey sent me (at end of thread)  admitting signs were incorrect &  asking me to not share email  (LOL). Will add pics I have over the weekend if you need them. PS,  a friend of mine is a traffic warden for Enfield, she said sign at bottom of Hill is insufficient signage,  as I said,  if behind a large vehicle when approaching you will probably not have time to read it.  

The sign at the bottom of the hill is just a courtesy to warn motorists who were in the habit of driving in the bus lane during the permitted hours. There are several blue signs all the way up the hill which imply 24-hour operation.

I get that, but I'm sure if you look into it you probably legally have to warn of a change of rules. After more than 30  years driving up that Hill it is nice to  be given a warning of a change albeit possibly hidden behind another vehicle (try  driving behind a bus up the hill& video it) . They admitted signs were incorrect &  have changed almost all of them,  leaving one,  it's just a trap,  nothing to do with the late fri/sat night revellers, the reason it changed in the first place,  if it was, the camera wouldn't be pointing down the hill almost 24hours a day, which it is . if it was  It would only be filming on Fri / sat nights.  Better still put double yellow lines there &  send a traffic warden to give tickets,  which wouldn't make as much cash. Just another trap. Many other 24 bus lanes in Haringey have a time plate stating 24 hours, why not this one ,  just a cash cow...  

Thank you Dougie, I put in my formal representations this afternoon. 



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