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Murder Investigation Launched after Body Found in Finsbury Park

Following the discovery of a body at the edge of the old cricket pitch in Finsbury Park, the Metropolitan Police have concluded that a person died in suspicious circumstances and have launched a murder inquiry.

The police believe that the young woman who was found died on Christmas Eve. The body was relatively well hidden by the old equipment hut so it remained hidden until today.

While the surrounding 'scene' is  searched for any possible evidence, the whole American Gardens section of the park is closed including the Endymion Road entrance along with the one next to the old cricket pitch on Green Lanes. 

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The proximity is the thing for me too, it's very close to home. I used that bit of the park to warm up before the Parkrun on christmas day morning. The thought of this young woman a few yards away - and undiscovered for another 2 days until friends found her - is still stuck in my head, as I imagine it is for many other park users. At least she had friends who loved her enough to keep searching after she went missing.

Today -

A murder investigation has been launched after a woman was stabbed to death in Redbridge, east London.

The 44-year-old victim was found on Norfolk Road at 19:09 GMT suffering from "serious stab injuries" and was pronounced dead at the scene.

In the early hours of Thursday morning a 45-year-old man was arrested at an address in Newham on suspicion of murder.

Also very sad even though not in our backyard. Only about 7 miles away.

Any (wo)man's death diminishes me

9/10 women recorded as killed in the 2016 femicide census were killed by someone they knew. https://www.womensaid.org.uk/what-we-do/campaigning-and-influencing...

This is why Iuliana's murder struck me so much, because it appears she was killed by someone she did not know. Not having a partner (or an ex-partner I am even slightly afraid of) I feel more at risk now (though rationally I know I am not). But I feel like she could have been me. I was out in Camden with colleagues two days earlier, at a different pub.

News of yet another woman killed by an intimate partner or ex partner makes me just as sad, but also outraged. How are we still allowing this to happen?

I read in the Camden New Journal today of a man who has admitted his THIRD killing of a partner. At what point do we draw the line? He was locked up for killing his partner, released after five years, six years after that he killed his next partner. And now he's killed again.

These killings are more common over the Christmas period too.

There was a stabbing outside my flat and I was talking to the response officer, I said I thought the wet weather would put guys off coming out and fighting. He said yes, most of the calls are about domestic violence when the weather is bad.

The other John D(onne).

Joe  exactly

I run usually round the outside of that field, including Christmas morning. With no idea I ran right past her body still undetected in the building

She was apparently on her way from Camden where she worked, so the bus would probably have been the 29, one my wife and I use quite often late at night. It stops just before the lights at Endymion Road. It could easily have been someone accompanying her, or an opportunistic knife mugging. The truth will out eventually I guess.

The trial will be in June. 

Update from petition;

Make Finsbury Park Safer After Dark

6K supporters
Petition update
Local Police Behind Improvements To Safety
Amy Joseph
London, United Kingdom

7 Jan 2018 — Hi all,

First of all I would like to say a massive thank you for all your support, we have over 5.6k supporters who have signed the petition. This is going to be instrumental in showing the decision makers how much safety in Finsbury Park is cared about by the public.

I had a meeting on Friday with the local police, along with the Chair and Vice-Chair of Friends of Finsbury Park. It was really positive to share ideas on how to improve safety, while allowing people to enjoy the park as it is intended.

Following this, I have been invited to a meeting this week with local MPs and other stakeholders to discuss the issue further and hopefully look to see how these ideas can be implemented. I will keep you all updated on any progress.

Many thanks again for your support,


I really hope this fails. Just stay inside and watch Sky TV if you're afraid, don't make others do the same.

Is there really any evidence that Finsbury Park is any unsafer after dark than any of the surrounding streets? I'm prepared to heed it if anyone can come forward with any. The local police must have figures on the distribution of rapes, attempted rapes and muggings.

I would bet there are more muggings at the bus stops lining the park than in the park itself.



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