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In the mid-nineteen-seventies, to make way for Wood Green's Shopping City, the section of Mayes Road that ran between the High Road and Hornsey Park Road was demolished. Along with it went numbers 60-66 and 65-67 Park Ridings.

The last house on the south side of the road is now number 58. Where number 60 used to stand is now Martin's Walk (link to Google Street View), a footway leading to Alexandra Road, near its junction with the High Road (almost opposite number 98 where Edwardian Photographer Alfred Braddock had his studio).

I rarely use Martin's Walk, but did so today and noticed the rather fine mural painted on the side of 58 Park Ridings, shown in the image above. I assume that it recreates the interior walls of number 60 shortly before its demise in the mid-seventies. I know nothing about how it came to be commissioned, but wonder if Eugene may be able to enlighten us.

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Some of the mock wallpaper designs look like a mix of Althea McNish and William Morris, 2 people with localish connections…

What goes around comes around ;o)

And here.



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