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Just sharing a friend's experience - has been reported to police.

She was walking to Turnpike Lane station this Thursday late afternoon around 5.30-6pm and was approach by someone from a group of people hanging out at the corner of the refurbishing taking place at the Bus station.

She was walking whilst texting, the individual came up to her and asked if it was an Iphone 5s. He then demanded she hand it over. She noticed one of the group was holding a slightly concealed knife so didn't argue.

He then asked her for her wallet as well. Thankfully she was able to get all cards and the phone locked within a few minutes but given that several groups of people hang around the area both in the park and around the station, and this was brazenly done in broad daylight, please pay attention when having valuables out on display.

All individuals were hooded in non-descript clothes, eastern european accents.

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Greatly enlightened by all your responses to the "Eastern European accent" enigma. Reassuring that when the next gory video arrives from ISIS/IS/Al-Q, Philip Hammond or Theresa May can short-circuit all the COBRA stuff, while BBC and Channel 4 can leave those bleary-eyed linguistic experts undisturbed in their university caves. Memo to all Mesopotamian knife wielders: Just post your videos straight to HOL and we'll catch you, double quick.

Really ?

The original post did not say steer clear of people with eastern European accents: it advised " please pay attention when having valuables out on display "

and you said " I keep my mobile in my pocket and would advise others to do the same "

Ethnicity and accent are irrelevant.

I agree with Jonny.  The UK is now politically correct to the point of insanity.  Race and ethnicity are needed to identify suspects and that's as it should be.  To alert others to the fact that the perpetrator here had an Eastern European accent is not only wise but essential, surely.

Only if the idea is that members of HOL should identify ( and arrest ? ) the criminals in this particular mugging. But that's the job of the police and the victim's statement to the police could justifiably have included details of the accent.

However, the effect of including accent in a posting on HOL can only be to make us suspicious of, and avoid, anyone with an Eastern European accent.

Not irrelevant, in my opinion, when you are issuing a warning about crime.  The problem with striving for political correctness and the fear of being labeled as racist is that that mindset is now seeping through to the police and other authorities:


Chicken Licken issued warnings and I thought that was a bad thing...

Hungary is East-Central Europe... just check for yourself on a map or related academic material.

The original post is criticized because of this one:

"All individuals were hooded in non-descript clothes, eastern european accents." As there is no 'Eastern European' accent this sentence is totally irrelevant. 

Hungary is Eastern-Central Europe yes...but since the NATO started to call the Eastern countries (Cold War, Soviet area) the Eastern block this stuck in our head and we still use today this expression in the colloquial language to describe a bunch of countries as 'Eastern European'. (you can find plenty of related academic material on this subject, about the misconceptions of the 'Eastern block' in the Western societies too). By the way, did you know that until the mid 90's Hungary was recognized many times as a Balkan country? And if we talk about Hungary, you should know as you live in London that most people think it is a country with Slavic origin and they have idea about the difference between Polish and Hungarian for example although it is clear that the roots of these languages are not same? 

And this is why this post got criticized:

"All individuals were hooded in non-descript clothes, eastern european accents." As there is no Eastern European accent this sentence is totally irrelevant. Although I try to understand what she wanted to tell us with this but sure it was not the right way. 

Indeed. I've got a West European accent. 

I doubt very much this person cares one jot about the entomology of the term East European. She was mugged by a man who had an accent that sounded like it came from a country in the east of Europe. I may one day be mugged by a man with a Spanish sounding accent but I can't see myself stopping to check if he was from Spain, Columbia or Panama.

Lee mack was mugged in Lymeric - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBZ2rVLSajE

Romanian sounds a bit like Spanish...



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