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Just sharing a friend's experience - has been reported to police.

She was walking to Turnpike Lane station this Thursday late afternoon around 5.30-6pm and was approach by someone from a group of people hanging out at the corner of the refurbishing taking place at the Bus station.

She was walking whilst texting, the individual came up to her and asked if it was an Iphone 5s. He then demanded she hand it over. She noticed one of the group was holding a slightly concealed knife so didn't argue.

He then asked her for her wallet as well. Thankfully she was able to get all cards and the phone locked within a few minutes but given that several groups of people hang around the area both in the park and around the station, and this was brazenly done in broad daylight, please pay attention when having valuables out on display.

All individuals were hooded in non-descript clothes, eastern european accents.

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I'm pretty sure she would have been coming up Carlingford Road but I could be mistaken. 

At that time of day scream and run. The best thing to do with your phone is to talk on it, or at least raise it to your ear, if you happen to be caught holding it.

Why is that John? Never seen that advice/comment before...

All this putting yourself in the victims shoes, natural of course because you think it could be you, is not helpful. Put yourself in the mugger's shoes. You could be talking to someone you're just about to meet.

Yes, this is good advice - see also pretending to walk confidently into a residence near to where the mugging happens as, they will assume you live there and may have back-up at home (I've done this and it did the trick for me).

Last time I was successfully mugged was inside a Starbucks mind you, so no such joy. I yelled at people nearby to stop the perpetrators once I realised what was happening, but nobody batted an eyelid.

Or if you think someone is following you in a housing estate get your keys out and take the next turning - as above hopefully they'll think you're home.

So if they had Eastern European accents, more that one spoke to her?

I don't know all the details Philip, just relaying the overview as she told me.

I question the wisdom of reporting a second hand mugging on HoL. As long as it's reported to the police AND they deal with it, is there any point other than to alarm?

John you're right. It's like posting 'Read this and be afraid because where you live bad things are waiting to happen and there's nothing you can do about it'. et etc etc

No it's not. It's a reminder that it's unwise to walk along the street openly flaunting an expensive gadget. You don't have to be afraid to be sensible.

That's victim blaming too. We should be able to do that. It's one of the reasons we pay taxes and have such a large number of the population devoted to policing.



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