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Just sharing a friend's experience - has been reported to police.

She was walking to Turnpike Lane station this Thursday late afternoon around 5.30-6pm and was approach by someone from a group of people hanging out at the corner of the refurbishing taking place at the Bus station.

She was walking whilst texting, the individual came up to her and asked if it was an Iphone 5s. He then demanded she hand it over. She noticed one of the group was holding a slightly concealed knife so didn't argue.

He then asked her for her wallet as well. Thankfully she was able to get all cards and the phone locked within a few minutes but given that several groups of people hang around the area both in the park and around the station, and this was brazenly done in broad daylight, please pay attention when having valuables out on display.

All individuals were hooded in non-descript clothes, eastern european accents.

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I just wanted to say thank you for this post. I regularly use my phone around Turnpike Lane station and it's a reminder to be a little more careful.

Yes indeed, I took that to be the useful point from the original poster - before thread drift from the commentariat set in!

I agree - a few months back there were PCSOs outside Seven Sisters station handing out leaflets reminding people to keep valuables out of sight as there had been muggings in the area. Since then I try to avoid using my phone (a humble 2-year old Samsung) in the vicinity of all tube stations (including central London where I work!).

I wonder if some of the people who took this post completely off track would give said PCSOs the same grief they reserved for the OP? (*hint* --> this is a rhetorical questions, no need to reply!)

So horrible! Thanks for sharing. 

So horrible! Thanks for sharing. 



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