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Just sharing a friend's experience - has been reported to police.

She was walking to Turnpike Lane station this Thursday late afternoon around 5.30-6pm and was approach by someone from a group of people hanging out at the corner of the refurbishing taking place at the Bus station.

She was walking whilst texting, the individual came up to her and asked if it was an Iphone 5s. He then demanded she hand it over. She noticed one of the group was holding a slightly concealed knife so didn't argue.

He then asked her for her wallet as well. Thankfully she was able to get all cards and the phone locked within a few minutes but given that several groups of people hang around the area both in the park and around the station, and this was brazenly done in broad daylight, please pay attention when having valuables out on display.

All individuals were hooded in non-descript clothes, eastern european accents.

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Pedestrians have priority over all other road users so can cross the road anywhere at any time. But it makes sense to look both ways before crossing.

Do you lock your front door when you go out ? You shouldn't have to.

Let's not go down this road. Though admittedly, owning an iPhone seems to be one of the biggest factors in muggings. Every last person I know who's had a phone taken off them uses an iPhone. 

Johnd. What do you mean 'flaunting' ? That's the kind of language i'm talking about and it doesn't help anyone.

George Orwell pointed out that if you strip vocabulary down to the bare minimum, discussion becomes impossible

Maybe she heard them speaking amongst themselves and only one spoke to her.

So which of the countless definitions of "Eastern European" are we dealing with here? And what is an "eastern european accent?  Or is it as "non-descript" , and therefore as useless, as the clothes they were hooded in?

Great question Sir, what is the definition of 'Eastern European accent'? As there are quite a few countries in that region, most of them Slavic origin as Polish, Serbian or Slovakian, one is Finnish, this is the Hungarian and you have also the Romanian that is related to Latin actually, it's an Italic language. So, can anyone tell me please what is an Eastern European accent? 

I would imagine the woman who was mugged was probably too frightened at the the time to ask the man where his accent was from.

An accent is not the same as a language.

I guess the idea is that the ethnic origin of the criminals is irrelevant and mentioning it only serves to demonise East Europeans in general. I'd go along with that.

I can't agree. Just as saying the person had brown hair is not going to catch the mugger on its own, it narrows down the description of the person who committed the crime.
If that was the point being made, it was done so pretty clumsily. Surely it's no better to demonize Poles (for example) specifically than Eastern Europeans generally? I tend to agree with Michael - an "Eastern European" accent obviously doesn't uniquely define an individual (nor would any description of an accent, no matter how tightly defined) but it does nevertheless help identify those responsible, if only because it excludes the vast majority of Londoners who don't have Eastern European accents of any kind.

Whether its worth sharing such info on HOL is another debate, but if people want to have that debate why don't they just say so, rather than pretending they can't work out an eastern European accent when they hear one? If I said the kids that mugged me had English accents (which they did) would I get the same amount of stick for not specifying a London accent, particularly north London?



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