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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

I WAS present at the Count yesterday up at Alexandra Palace that saw several constituencies' the ballot papers processed by the new scanning machines (not before seen).

Towards the end, one of the speakers referred to the earlier issues at Barnet where some voters were turned away at polling stations due to problems with electoral lists. She criticised the administration there, particularly senior officials there.

Mix up sees voters turned away from the polls in GLA elections in B...

Haringey Councillor
Liberal Democrat Party

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Crapita...  ...Veoila, etc...

You appear to be resolutely refusing to share with us what happened at the Extraordinary Meeting of the Friends of Finsbury Park....why is that?

I forgot to add that security at the Count was tight. ID, airport-style scanners and stand-off frisking. That was for starters.

Two Haringey Councillors experienced difficulty and delay in gaining entry. One was the Consort of the Mayor (Cllr. Steven Mann) who was at the time in the company of the Mayor of Haringey, whose bona fides were never in question. The other Councillor who had difficulty gaining entry was me!

Some shots from The Count

Councillors Jennifer Mann (Mayor), Sarah Elliot, Pippa Connor and Steven Mann

Cllr. Pippa Connor

Cllr. Steven Mann

Waiting for an announcement

Waiting …

The Rt. Hon. Jeremy Corbyn is in the upper middle of this pic



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