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There's a female kingfisher on the New River (it's a she, the females have orange on the beak) fishing by New River Village today. A friend had seen her recently so I went along today and very quickly spotted her on the chains on the northern end of the "Village". She flew off immediately. If you want to spot her, she seems to favour bits of the chain that are shaded by vegetation and the metal supports are streaked by white-ish pooh. You'll probably need to be on the path on the other side from the village to see her-  she doesn't hang around long when she see's you looking...

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She's on the northern end between these two arrows (you can access the New River Path from either of these points)

Wow. I will have to look for her. Saw an egret there 2 weeks ago but too quick to photo. Friend saw grey heron. Lovely

The heron visits the stretch of New River by Wightman Road sometimes. Here's my entry for HoL Wildlife Photo of the Year:

I don't remember any egrets, or if I have there were too few to mention...

hope she does well - very few fish left!

I saw a kingfisher on the Harringay stretch this morning! Not such a good picture but I think the same species? 

I love kingfishers. So glad that our 'river' provides a habitat that is at least occasionally used by them. My other half saw one near our pond many years back. I assume that's due to our pond being on the line of the New River, albeit the section where it's in the tunnel. Sadly, I've not yet been lucky enough to see one anywhere in Harringay. 

This video was taken last November, looking NE from the bridge over the New River on Station Road. I saw her there regularly but never when I had the right lens.

We were just walking back from Hornsey and saw what was probably the same Kingfisher, up by Dick's - another dodgy cameraphone photo taken from a distance with Dick's walnut tree behind it.

So pleased you saw her, she must have read your earlier post! 

I’d fallen into conversation with a birder and it was he who saw him/her streaking along the river.  I’d have probably missed it.

It's amazing to see that tell-tale flash of electric blue. Thanks for the pictures

Isn’t it just! I’d only ever seen them in more rural spots where they were very skittery and secretive - but this one seemed rather cool about all my interest. So London!



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