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Hi, we've just found a beautiful house in Noel Park I absolutely love - but I have just been so spooked reading the crime stats.

Can anyone share their experiences living in the area, and how they have found it? We are first-time buyers in our early 30's.

Do you feel safe? Has it got better? Have you had issues?

I think reading the crime stats and news can paint a very negative picture and I completely understand that some areas of London are much more gritty than others - I just want to hear feedback from those in Noel Park currently and see what the general feel is :)


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It might be worth asking this on noelpark.net

Thanks Hugh, I am waiting to be approved on there so thought I'd cast the net a little wider on this forum in the meantime 

Hi - Welcome to Noel Park! I approved someone today so hopefully, that's you. 

Thanks, Hugh for pointing people in our direction!

As several people have mentioned, crime statistics in the area also include the petty crime on the high road, shoplifting and other shopping-district related crimes. 

I've lived on Gladstone for a whole decade and find the neighbourhood to be very neighbourly with lots of opportunities to get involved in community things. I moderate Noel Park net and am a chair for Noel Park Big Local. We've also got a resident-led nature reserve and a whole load of anti-flytip activists. 

Thanks both! I'd missed the email but have reposted there now - thanks for your help

There's another thread here that may be of interest. 

Thanks, Hugh, for mentioning us here - just a quick correction: The address for Noel Park net is: https://noelparknet.ning.com

Don't worry, the hyperlinked url is/was correct: i used shorthand for the link text.

Lived in Noel Park for over 70 years

Has got issues like any other area

Car Crime is a growing issue, as in most parts of London these days

Many of the Houses have been turned into rooms. Plus many of the properties are rented to inner boroughs for there overflows

Like Haringey is a Big Borough, Noel Park covers a large area. So really depends on where in Noel Park

Is a issue with Parking around the High Road, gotta be lucky to get parked close to property until Shops close

But these days I have never herd of a area these days that meets everyone's wishes

Thanks Bob, that's helpful, we are looking very much in the Vincent Road area of Noel Park, so not far from the main drag.

Hello, I've lived on Lymington Avenue since 2014 and would definitely recommend the area. We moved over from Stroud Green and like you were a little unsure but it's been great.

I think I read something a while back which said Noel Park was the worst area in Haringey for crime but be aware that any stats you read will be for the whole of the Noel Park Ward (which includes Wood Green High Road and stretches west towards the New River) https://mapit.mysociety.org/area/8668.html Petty crime taking place on the High Road like shoplifting and theft will no doubt be included in those stats.

I've found the area to be very quiet in the evening and during the night and it doesn't feel dangerous I don't think. Many of our neighbours have lived here 40+ years. We have a four year old son and through him have met loads of nice families in the area. The Primary School has an Ofsted rating of Outstanding and there are a couple of good nurseries too if that's something you're thinking about. 

Lovely parks nearby (Belmont, Downhills, Lorship) and pubs (Westbury, Goodness Brew), coffee (Westbury Cafe, Charlie's, Bean + Brew) also Green Rooms and Blue House Yard. 

On the downside there's a lot of flytipping but it gets cleared up quickly!

Hope this helps, as Hugh said you should post on noelpark.net and I'm sure you'll get further reassurance there.

Thanks Mark, appreciate you taking the time to reply. Certainly sounds like a family friendly spot, great to know!!

We've lived on Russell Avenue for more than 6 years and also moved in our early 30s, absolutely love the street which is usually very quiet, and great amenities eg the proximity to local parks and shops.

We know so many more of our neighbours than anywhere else I've ever lived in London, we get on very well with them and there's a great local community spirit.

As mentioned by another poster many have been here 30/40 years plus. Never been a victim of crime, once I even shockingly left our front door open (baby brain) for about 3 hours while we went out and no one touched a thing! although I'm aware there's a high crime prevalence and often see evidence of drug taking/dealing it's not really worse than what I've experienced in many areas of London.

The local nursery is very good too.

Before moving to Russell Avenue I knew the area well which helped with the confidence in making the move. hope that helps



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