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I'm looking at properties in borough of Haringey and am wondering what Hampden Road and the general area around it is like. Does anyone have experience of/information on that part of Harringay Ladder?

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Seek and ye shall find.

I live on Wightman Rd opposite Hampden rd. It's no better or worse than any of the other Harringay roads. Parking is difficult on Saturday lunchtime ( Mosque ) and on Sunday mornings ( Gospel Church and Greek church ) but is ok at other times. There is a very handy corner shop open 24/7 one street over.

 Hampden is very convenient for buses to Tottenham and to Muswell Hill and Turnpike Lane tube is just a short walk.

Have a look at the posts linked to via the tag added under your post.

I live on Lausanne which is the next one south of Hampden on the ladder. I find it an extremely convenient, safe and actually fun place to live. Safety wise speaking as a woman often walking about by myself it usually feels fine-even late at night. An observation i can make personally is that i've had more hassle walking back from crouch end on the 'posh' side of the tracks than i ever had round my road or the tube. Personally i think the 24hr shop culture means a level of people out and about which makes it feel more like you're not on your own.

Regarding property security I have never been burgled but some in my street have been. I don't think it's any worse than most london areas but i don't know the stats - i imagine google can find them for you if it's a concern.

Hampden has taller terraces and i think possibly more flat conversions & i'd have thought therefore a slightly higher concentration of inhabitants than other ladder roads.I don't know whether there are any issues with car spaces for residents living in the street(as in, if its hard to get one when everyone is home). If that is of concern maybe an actual Hampton-ite will be able to tell you. 

At certain peak times of the day there is a bit of through traffic on Wightman/Green Lanes and the ladder roads but otherwise evenings weekends etc it's usually fine. I think Hampden also currently gets some heavy traffic from the works going on in the railway yards by Hornsey station. I imagine this will end when the works do but if i were buying in that street i guess i'd check it out.

You would be ideally placed transport and shops wise IMHO and also quite close to various leisure facilities if that's your thing. I'm a member of a local running club and crossfit gym which are about 5 mins walk away from Hampden(on the Hornsey side) and there are various other gyms close by (wood green high st, green lanes and the excellent Tottenham pool leisure centre). There are also loads of green spaces to discover nearby which might not be obvious initially. For example there's a nice bit of canal tow path which starts just by the mosque at the end of Hampden & cuts back up behind the houses on wightman road. It is a lovely detour avoiding the hill and traffic on wightman particularly on a sunny day(can be a bit boggy in parts in winter)-it puts you out somewhere near Hewitt rd which is about middle-ish on the ladder.

If the tubes are up the spout you can pretty much always get a train instead to fin pk at least which i personally find very useful. There are loads of buses to various places too of course but generally tube & trains are quickest & most direct for me as I commute to the city. 

There are high street shops an easy walk away (in the admittedly busy and sometimes a bit litter strewn) Wood green but also very many interesting shops if you walk south down green lanes- if you're at all a keen cook you can get pretty much all manner of specialist food items on green lanes.(with the exception of Japanese). There's an oriental grocer just off the high st at Turnpike lane who also do fresh fish and crabs, prawns etc fresh or frozen.

Turnpike lane itself has the amazing double fronted BuytoSave (on the south side just before the passage) which is open 24hrs and has mountains of fresh produce, herbs, groceries - & organic & free range eggs. I think they have sussed out their varied customer base quite well and i can get quite a lot of my supermarket type shopping as well as fresh fruit and veg there. I don't buy meat from them but they do also sell it, so it's quite comprehensive for a local shop. In fact i find apart from occasional pop ins to the tesco by the tube (when i'm being lazy), I often dont have to go to a supermarket at all for anything. Cheap cleaning and household items can be got in local shops or in larger volume from wilkinson in the mall in wood green. (again easy walk) 

Entertainment wise if you want to go out locally for live music or comedy there are now at least 2(jam in a jar, bun n bar, jazz at the salisbury) and often more live music venues on weekend evenings on the stretch of restaurants and bars going south down green lanes as well as the wonderful Salisbury pub and tons of amazing restaurants. In the other direction toward wood green the very excellent Big Green bookshop is a short stroll away off wood green high street. In addition to being a great shop and ideal for present buying/browsing etc i've seen some really great comedy there as well as attended some great authors talks. They may be small but are very good and can get you anything you ask for(of a book variety). Not every bookshop has such affable service. A cup of tea and a biscuit is not out of the question, and authors also clearly love them as there have been some fantastic author visits there too from quite big names. 

I don't know much about it really but the chocolate factory in wood green has lots of artists studios and live music at the karamel club nearby etc. I've been to the artists open studios days there and have been amazed by what is going on and the variety and quality of artists and small businesses. 

Finally, i can confirm the existence of excellent coffee at local venues for a lovely weekend breakfast if that is at all relevant. Closest to Hampden rd for coffee lovers is Blend (recently featured in time out) and further down the ladder on wightman road- by Harringay station is Moka. There are also of course loads of other breakfast venues, but my recommendations tend to be driven by my coffee snobbery hence these 2 particular mentions! 

To show i'm not all snob- i have it on good authority from a neighbour that the cabin snack bar on wightman rd(just by the corner of hampden) does an excellent toasted sandwich! Her son is a convert..

So- pretty much, I guess i'm saying its a good area to live people are friendly and presuming you find properties you like to actually live in, i would recommend it. :-) 

Thanks to everyone who replied - I appreciate your taking the time to talk about the area. It sounds good, lots to do and great transport links, but most of all...great food!  What an amazing resource this HOL is

I couldn't agree more with Sparkle.  Great summary!  

Hornsey, N8 got a write-up in the Evening Standard on Wednesday about the areas regeneration.



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