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We're moving from the Ladder to St Ann's and I'm looking for a bit of advice on how to change my parking permit...it's really not clear on the council website. 

They say on the website you can't get a resident's permit until you have a completion letter but that's too late as you'll be moved in and need the permit right away. So frustrating. 

Similarly, you can't seem to apply for visitor's permits until you are actually a resident...so we will have to park on the ladder, which is not far away but not really workable when we're going to be moving stuff, going to the recycling centre etc. 

Has anyone moved to a new CPZ in Haringey, and how did you do it?!

In the meantime, does anyone have any St Ann's CPZ parking permits I could buy please, to allow us to park until I'm able to sort out a resident's permit?

Any advice gratefully received! 


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If you're moving to the Gardens, there's no problem since it's in the same parking zone. If you're moving to a road covered by Parking zone GLB (see attached), there's PROBABLY not an immediate problem - see these posts


Hi Eilidh

If your current parking permit is the GLA area you may have more time than you imagine. I'm over in the St Annes ward and our local CPZ area is GLB. In threory you can use your permit in either area, or that is how it was when the system was set up and i've never had a fine for parking on the southern half of the ladder. If your moving from the north end your CPZ will be WG so you'll have to change it and i believe that all has to be done on line these days. I've no idea how long that will take but I'd assume a couple of weeks.

Thanks Hugh and Andy. 

We're moving from Effingham (current permit is Wood Green Outer and runs out on 23 Nov) and house is on Cissbury Road which is St Ann's CPZ...we'll no longer be harringay-ites...

I'm totally happy to go to Wood Green and queue up once I have the completion letter from solicitor, but can't really see me being able to do that on the actual moving day on Friday, so can't see how I can park at my new place on Friday and Sat without visitor's permits (which I also can't get until we have proof of residence...)

I can see that they're trying to avoid fraud but you'd think there would be some way to get a permit a few days before you move in. 

Mmm, maybe see if Barbara Bake, one of your new councillors can help get an answer?

Might give it a go. Thanks Hugh. 

Why not go with a copy of your purchase contract upon exchange. The contract will show the completion date, so you could request a parking permit that starts that date. It might work... worth a try.

I might give it a go - but they say on the website needs to be a completion letter and don't want to waste my time! 

When we changed our car it was a bit of a pain to change our CPZ permit, but when I found a phone number I called the parking team and they were very helpful. I did have to go and queue in Wood Green but I was there less than an hour so it wasn't too bad.

There never used to be a CPZ at the end of Cissbury at the St Ann’s end. Maybe you can find somewhere relatively convenient to park for free until you get a permit?
We moved within Haringey and it was a total pain. I had to do it in person as they wouldn't let me have the new permit without giving back the old one, even though the old one was a pdf I'd printed myself... Anyway, I recently had to get my new resident's permit printed as their pdf version was corrupted and I went to the offices in Tottenham (on Philip Lane in the leisure centre) and it was a far more pleasant experience than going to the Wood Green office.

We live on Cissbury. Will be able to get you a two-week permit, DM me.
Thanks Velo! Sorry only just saw this, will DM you!



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