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Planning application now in.

" 3.2 The existing Hornsey site, which is located on the Hornsey Depot site behind the northern side of the High Street, is identified within the Haringey Heartlands Development Framework (2005) as an area of the borough in which growth should be concentrated. The Framework echoes the principles of the London Plan (2011) which identifies the site as an Area of Intensification where there is the significant potential to achieve regeneration and create an intensive mixed use development that would provide a large number of new homes and businesses.

In order to realise the regeneration of the Hornsey Depot site and contribute to the regeneration objectives of the Haringey Heartlands area, Haringey Council intend to dispose of the Hornsey Depot site."

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That's interesting, the staff at the Hornsey Depot were telling people the centre was moving to Tottenham Lane. I thought I had read it somewhere too. Nevertheless it's good that we'll have a recycling centre near to the present one.

I understood it would go to Tottenham and we would have only the one centre for whole borough. good news if it reverts to Western Rd



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