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If you are at Lordship Rec this week, don't be alarmed if you see the Moselle has turned a luminous green. 

A Thames Water team have been investigating the poor quality, cloudy and smelly water in the Moselle. They have added some dye to the flow in Turnpike Lane in order to know when it reaches the Rec.  

The Friends of Lordship Rec and the Haringey Rivers Forum have been very active, with the Council, in their attempts to improve the quality of the Moselle and they have sent their concerns to the Environment Agency and Thames Water who are now taking the situation very seriously and are trying to find the source of the pollution.

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Thanks very much for highlighting this Liz. We saw Thames Water again at the Rec yesterday. Ammonium nitrate concentrations have dropped from 32 ten days ago to just over 7. Which, sadly, doesn't mean its clean. But at least the latest incident is over. More, reasonably accurate, information in this blog here:


John Miles, acting convenor, Haringey Rivers Forum 07817 424356

It really is smelly!



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