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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Getting a Joke. They keep shutting down Toilets

With Trolley's or Barriers

Seems to be when Short of Security Guards

Spoke Staff No comment, could not find Manager

Rather a Joke as understand it's a requirement to have toilets when serving drinks and food

Also the left Lift near front Entrance. was a New lift earlier this year

Been Barriered Off.  For many months

Joke is right has sticking doors and jumps between floors

Also a issue with trolley's lost a lot and have old metal and New plastic

Block Entrance and 2nd floor doors from Lift. Where old wire ones are chained and stored

Since update removed Rubbish bins.

Resulting in people stuffing  wire trolleys in stored wire baskets

Notice someone set light to a trolley the other week

Have posted on their Facebook and messaged Head Office

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It's very poorly managed indeed. In 4 years i dont think i ever managed to do full shopping there. Constantly out of stock. Front self service tills by flower department under staffed...

Lifts have been an issue for many years. Don't remember a time when they all worked. Emails are ignored. Palmer's green branch gets it right...however Sainsbury's in wood green is pretty awful too...

Advised Empty shelves in Morrisons was down to Shortage of Truck Drivers

As timed deliveries had not arrived

And lack of Staff to fill when Stock arrives

I can't comment on the lifts as I never use them, but when we had the torrential rain in early December, the ceiling came down above the toilets so that is why they were closed, awaiting someone to fix the leak.

I never have a problem with getting anything I want during my shopping trips to Wood Green Morrisons (while in contrast I have actually walked out of both Wood Green Sainsburys and Palmers Green Morrissons when such staples as coffee and hand soap have been missing from shelves). The WG branch does need to get the new self-serve tills at the front of the shop all up and running, however  - they're always out of order...

Logistics and Brexit ... UK needs another 59,000 hgv drivers. HGV workforce getting older, less young people getting drivers licence, let alone wanting to train as an HGV driver ....


Power of the Forum, on my visit last Night , Toilets and Lift was Working

Faster than posting on their Facebook page 

Magic needed. Today's visit  Both lifts ,main entrance . Also toilets closed again . And youths using exit of first floor drive way . Shouting at motorist trying to exit. Advised Security  



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