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Last October I raised the issue that possible street closures in surrounding areas would displace traffic our way. 

One of the areas was Crouch End.

A consultation for those living/working in the area is in progress and one of the options being consulted on is the closure to through traffic (except for buses, emergency vehicles and cyclists) of one or more major roads, such as The Broadway.

A traffic survey for the Crouch End project suggests such a change might mean 2000 more vehicles a day in both directions for Wightman.

Harringay residents can make their views known via the questionnaire.

To complete the questionnaire go to:


After the initial section you can opt to only complete the one on traffic. The deadline is 2 February.

Postscript navigation note: (For oversized lorry stuck on Warham, see P14, here.)

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I suggest we use this to ask the council for a plan for the whole borough.  As other comments have said, piecemeal changes like this just move the problem. As real strategy for through  traffic reduction is what we need to demand.  One email our councillors about this bit have had no response.

But it would take four years to draw up such a plan and anyway there would be no money for implementation. The Mayor has made money available for piecemeal developments. Better ask Haringey why the next Liveable Neighbourhood in Haringey will be in Tottenham and not the ladder/turnpike lane 

"There is an aspiration to align future plans for Turnpike Lane with..." 


Hugh is normally such a calm rational chap so the headline "More Traffic Headed for Wightman - 2 days to Act" is unusually tabloid. There was only a short time left to fill in the questionnaire, but following that will be a long period of consultation on any designs that actually arise. One of the major mechanisms for consultation are the stakeholder groups attended by representatives of residents associations, parent staff associations, neighbourhood watches, cycling grous, etc. If there is a Wightman Road residents association or traffic group then they would do well to tell Kirsten Hearn they want to be involved. The Liveable Crouch End project board has been extended to include a Hornsey councillor. Try and get a Harringay councillor involved as well. 

Delighted, if surprised, to learn you have such faith in Haringey consultations, Adrian. Sadly, I haven’t undergone the same conversion and would urge people to make their voices heard at the earliest possible opportunity.

But your post does make me muse about an invitation to others to rework my headline as a truly Soaraway Sun one. 

No, don't misunderstand. I realise that Haringey consultations are loaded with questions such as "when did you stop beating your wife?" and "we're going to make the air cleaner - agree or disagree?"

It's just the deadline I question, which does give time for Harringay to at least try to participate (Paul Soper's word - see below) in the process.

Nil illegitima carborundum.

Thanks, Adrian.  

Adrian, I’ve just come across the following post you made on your website on Jan 18. I’m not sure if this is the true taste of tabloidism, misguided humour, or something altogether less welcome  

One of the repeated criticisms of the Liveable Crouch End project  (don't forget to respond to the re-issued questionnaire) is that if we prevent traffic flowing through Crouch End it will be displaced to our neighbouring areas, who may be even less deserving of it than we are.

Regrettably, I'm not that altruistic, not even temporarily in order to preserve my car use privileges. 

So it's very much my view that Crouch End needs to get on and do what it can to look after itself

Having seen lots of Adrian's posts I'd say it was tongue in cheek. 

I'm very surprised that no one at LBH told Kirsten about the LCSP's (Ladder Community Safety Partnership) participation &contribution as a stakeholder to the Green Lanes Area Traffic Survey in 2017.

As you can see one of our ward councillors is now actively involved. She was, I believe only informed about the questionaire by a resident from Crouch End very, very recently. I'm surprised Kirsten didn't tell her at a cabinet meeting seeing that they both sit on LBH's cabinet.

Adrian, you don't think people on the ladder might be a bit fatigued with this traffic crap? The gardens were closed in 2006. Committees are formed, stakeholders attend meetings, we get - well, just look at what we got on Wightman Rd.

How much wealth would flow from the ladder to households in Crouch End when property values there increase yet again as it becomes an even nicer place to spend time and money? Millions? Tens of millions?

Wightman's tough - depends on getting overall traffic reduction strategy & sensible Green Lanes plan, the politics of which aren't simple. Three observations:

1. I am always surprised Ladder folk have never made a push for filtering Ladder roads themselves. These contribute nothing to overall road capacity - on the contrary, the opportunity to run up & down them at the direction of Google probably increases overall traffic, as probably does turning into & out of Green Lanes & Wightman. There would be some loss of parking for the creation of turn-around spaces, but the experience of roads that get such filters is, once they're in, residents don't want to lose them. If you think there's no space to turn around (do these roads become chaotic hell-holes whenever some road works prevent through traffic? I don' think so), try it on one or two roads (perhaps adjacent to one of the schools) as proof of concept.

2. If the objective is instead to filter Wightman, it cannot be emphasized too much that this must go together with something to ensure better bus times on Green Lanes. That has to mean getting rid of a lot of parking on Green Lanes, and scheduling any kerbside loading on GL for off-hours. It would require a concerted campaign that is about more than Wightman.

3. In the longer term (but not so many years from now), redevelopment of the Sainsbury's site should be done with zero customer or employee parking, and with any resident parking unbundled (physically & financially) from the flats themselves. The Council must face the fact that retail car parks are part of a business model that generates road traffic - every breath you take subsidises that business model. Residential density here is high enough to support retail without car parking.



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