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I posted earlier on HoL about the high levels of spin being applied to the pig's ear of a shambles of the mess-up that's going on at the Marcus Garvey Library in Tottenham Green.

We’ve since had another look at the webcast of the LBH Cabinet of March 2015, where the decision to fill MGL with most of Apex House’s work and workers, was ratified. Watch here. Starting a couple of minutes in, see the delegation from the campaign, then statements from Cllrs Kober and Arthur.

The Leader outlined the benefits of the £3m investment in Marcus Garvey, as laid out in paragraph 5.25 of the report, namely:
• No loss of library space
• Improved access to building
• Improved IT facilities for public use
• Improved toilet facilities
• Improved book stands and book stock
• Improved learning zones
• Bringing three customer services points into one and providing modern mobile technology based customer service
• Refreshed front door improvements

This is the document quoted from.

Nothing about consultation, and no mention of the library being closed for at least six months.

Arthur claimed that if things don’t go to plan, he will be accountable.

It’s time for him to resign. What they agreed, and what is happening, are miles apart. They have messed up, big time. They must freeze the closure planned for two weeks time, and rethink the whole doomed plan.

Support the Campaign to stop these proposals here:
Sign the Petition here: https://www.change.org/p/tell-haringey-council-to-save-tottenham-s-…
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1527639460848841/?fref=nf
Twitter: #SaveMarcusGarveyLibrary
Email:  friendsofmgl@gmail.com 


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The passive voice is to be avoided Clive.

Local Conservatives oppose these plans, though libraries need to adapt to changes (suspect we're all in agreement on that). 

Good to hear that Justin! It seems that Haringey Council is out of step with public opinion. They need to put their quarter-baked plans on ice, think again and/or hold a Public Consultation.

Have any of the Tottenham Labour councillors spoken out against this, Clive, or are they being their usual sheep-like selves? Lammy is, of course, late in the day in standing up to his council (better late than never - though I suspect this is in revenge for the Dear Leader and Joe "Gyming it tomorrow" Goldberg snubbing him for Dame Tessa!)


I understand that the campaign has attempted to contact the three Members for Tottenham Green Ward. I'm not aware of any/the response.

Former Tottenham Councillor Alan Stanton has actively helped the campaign.

I welcome Mr Lammy's forthright comments on London BBC television news. He described the consultation as "poor".

There was some engagement – but I think we all know now what "engagement" means when deployed by LBH, The key fact is that there was no Public Consultation about this important development.

I haven't heard any comment from the Green Party about this, but I hope they'd be supportive.

This first-class muck up has been handled in haste – and poorly – all the way along, with blithe indifference to the local community.

I invite anyone wishing to help the effort to: 


… to join The Friends of Marcus Garvey Library, ably chaired by Jasmin Taylor.

Haringey Councillor
Liberal Democrat Party
Spokesman on Libraries



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