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thank you those of you who collected from our part one of kitchen clear out! I still have a few pieces, £5 each again

- 2 x le Creuset soup dishes with lids (£5 for both)

- 1 x le Creuset serving dish with two ramekins (in pink) (£5)

- assortment of 4 espresso cups (nice and heavy ones, from selfridges) (£5 for all 4)

if you can come by to collect fairly soon (close to Priory Park, N8), that would be much appreciated. about to decide if there's a dinner set to list also, so keep an eye out if your'e interested.

photos below 


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Int in espresso cups, serving dish and serving dish. Will PM you.

hi Natasha, afraid they've all gone! sorry x

Hello. Interested in the two soup dishes. I'll send you a message. Michael



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