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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

On my social media monitoring tool, I have one column set up to pick up all mentions of Green Lanes. Since Green Lanes is a generic term as well as a place name for a whole heap of places, the column is pretty global in its scope picking up mentions of Green Lanes around the world, around the UK in North London and even our neighbourhood.

Today I picked up on a conversation on Twitter that got increasingly heated. It seems to be just another example of the confusion caused just locally by the use of 'Green Lanes'. No one can blame these interlocutors for their confusion. The fault isn't theirs. The situation IS confusing. One reason, I just stick with Harringay.

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Ah, my favourite pussy-wussies!

Oh Jeez, did I just write that? Oh my Gawd, scrub that! I never meant it, honest! Me cyaan believe it, right in the middle of Holy Week too!  Hugh, you're leading this innocent old guy astray.

Hugh, not so sure using "Harringay" avoids confusion! 

In particular, I noticed the other day that the Snooker club near Tesco Express on GL seems especially confused - on one sign (across the face of the building), it's got "Harringey Snooker Club" and on the other (sticking out perpendicular to the building), it's got "Haringay Snooker Club".  S'pose it's covering all bases.



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